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for Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

1/17/2015 c14 2bubublacz
Gawd, please kill Sterling. She's annoying and just so blah! Farhat reminds me of Noir's playfulness :)

1/17/2015 c13 bubublacz
Oh my G**
1/17/2015 c12 bubublacz
LOL on the fan fiction updates XD
1/17/2015 c10 bubublacz
I'm really loving this! For a while there, I was so happy that I didn't know where this was going! This is so amazing! I really hope someone can pick this up and turn it into a movie, tv series or something! It's that good!

Once again, I have to tell you that I find wonder and awe in this world that you have created! It's not like anything else! Thank you! :D
1/17/2015 c8 bubublacz
9/28/2014 c27 1SabbyPhantomhive
OMG. I have to say, this ismy favorite chapter of all time. You are such a talented author. I LOVE YOU. I'd ask you to marry me if I were a lesbian o.o but I am straight. BUT OMG THE FEELS ASDFGHJKL;
Okai first off, I LOVE the fact that you put such a big plot twist thing into this and then there was the random commentary from people who stuck around the book after 20 chapters in the story. I know it sounds weird, but I'm trying to achieve that. Second, I have started shipping Nocte with Noir and now the grim reaper. Third, I love the relationships with the characters. It is so...complex.

Long story short, I LOVE YOUR WRITING.
11/10/2012 c20 laniessa
I was just rereading this and just... this chapter. It's one of the most emotional chapters in the entire series. Nocte's worry for Dire. Aman and Mei Feng's horror as she falls off deck. Delano's regret, want and cowardice. And then Farhat. How he actually cares. It's just such a perfect balance.
9/15/2012 c29 3charmedblush
I just started crying there. I didn't expect to, but I did. Her father is dead. :(
Wow. Just wow. Evil eye!
Also- Farhat is awesome. He can't be gone forever.
9/14/2012 c24 charmedblush
Hi! I have most certainly been lurking throughout this series so far. My apologies, I don't like to lurk. This series is just so addictive.
Just commenting here because I really liked that turn in the last chapter.
I have to say- this may be an unpopular thought- that I actually kind of love Noir. Him and Nocte have to get together. Seriously. I never truly felt it with Delano- he was a bit wimpy and he's self contradictory. I like the whole hero-villain romance thing, but really in all of this- the heroes currently aren't being very heroic towards our protagonist. Protagonist being the good lead, being Nocte.
Anyway- Noir and Nocte! Woo!
10/24/2011 c20 Anonymous
I hate you.

Fuck, I'm not getting any sleep tonight as well.
10/17/2010 c18 A Critic
Is there really no better way to introduce complications into the story without some jerk being absolutely unreasonable?

I know we, the audience, are suppose to hate "bad guys" who do "bad things" with a passion, but Ramiro's behaviour is plain stupid.

I have read every book in this novel so far and always enjoyed it, never been irritated by anything, not Paine, not Noir, not Keeran, not Nocte's family, not the Bloodstones, not anyone, even when she was defeated all those times. Yes, they made life hell for our protagonist or deceived her, but you would EXPECT them to do that. Ramiro's antics? It borders on not having any interesting ideas and so, along comes a convenient jerk to mess things up for you.

I like this series but I msut say, I am dissapointed in this latest development.
8/30/2010 c30 swords dragons and diet coke
okay. so i'm a lazy bitch for not reviewing until the last chapter, but i just have to say, this series is amazing, especially, the last 7 chapters of Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe. I won't lie, your writing was a little wordy at times, but this story is amazing overall. I especially like the bittersweet ending. However, i hope that in the next installment, Nocte earns back her family's love and trust.
8/5/2010 c30 SoullessSoul119
I loved the first part, a lot of action, magic and - best of it all - undeads! Gods, I'm obsessed with undeads.

But I felt really sorry for Nocte. First her clan disowned her, now her family hates her. What more could go wrong for her life?

And finally, our ever-present Grim Reaper, Farhat. He has become one of my favourite characters because of his personality and his jobs as a Grim Reaper.

Well, that's all then!
8/5/2010 c29 SoullessSoul119
No way! Umbra? Dead? WHY? He's such a great character! Sure he may be cold but...oh, nevermind. Not as if you'll change it, though it is surprising.

And I can't believe Farhat would make her choose. If he knew it was gonna happen and Nocte didn't listen, the least he could do was not appear and give her hope, only to crush it down. But he's still a great character.
5/28/2010 c30 1Octopus.in.the.Labyrinth
...I'm speechless...

I can't get over on how Umbra died... and how the Yins abandoned Nocte like that... It's so sad... But great, anyways!
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