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for Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

8/4/2007 c5 abandonnnnned
That's just cruel! Let me guess, a Yang? Loved this chapter!
8/4/2007 c5 Wolf-of-Five-Elements
Wow, interesting chapter. Would this Feng be the princess mentioned in the summary? And if it was me doing all that with Nocte's scheduale, i'd probably die by the end of that week... anyways, please update soon!
8/4/2007 c5 4Morgan Davis
AAHAHAHAHHA! she's the princess eh? hehe! i'm all warm and bubbly from reading! hurry and add more! MORE I SAY! MUWAHAHHAA!
8/3/2007 c5 Selena Lyle
=O OMG! Who's Feeng? My guess is that she's a hero [perhaps, Yang, anyone?]. But IDK, I can't wait to find out. Next chappie, please! :3
8/3/2007 c5 Amethystasheryn
Oh dear. So what's going to happen next? Can't wait for another update! :)
8/3/2007 c5 Shrian

when i saw this I WAS SO HOPPY!

I luf this series =)!

great chapies here
8/3/2007 c5 4Mistress DragonFlame
Hm, I'd think her horse would be cared for by the monks (stable duties and all), and Yong's a raven, couldn't she feed herself on berries and stuff, like normal ravens?

But yeah. I really like the three monk trainees. They're cool.
8/3/2007 c5 Arianna
Great chapter. I love how she totally sees the idea that people have about her and I just loved to see that this story had been updated.

Have you noticed that your chapters have been getting really long compared to past stories. Heck, already have over 20 words on this thing!

I hope that you updated really,really soon.

PS. I was looking on your LiveJournal and I just got my driver's license as well. I feel EXACTLY the same way about driving alone. My parents are like a security blanket; if I do something stupid, they'll stop me.
8/3/2007 c5 4Undecided.And.Confused
Wow, a cliffy! I like it! I love the humor in this chapter. The butt part, about the punishment. How do you come up with those names again? There were a few spelling errors:

"because apparently her mom backed him up 100." I thik you want the % sign in there.

"Lit Sek led her off a small part of the yard where young buy monks were practicing" young boys, were practicing.

"If they didn’t anyone to go up, why should they?" that whole sentence is a bit confusing.

She grew hot in shame. She knew she had been neglecting her animals… but this really was a slammer" You repeated this sentence twice.
7/31/2007 c4 4Morgan Davis
MUWAHAHAHA! yay! Nocte is being forced into a training/toning/dieting regime! AHAHHA! this is great! her worst nightmare, and now she's living in it! ... and you know... i have the strangest impression that Kardama is... more than 'he' seems. (quotes are there to prove my questioning of 'his' gender) ok well, simply melting for more!

7/30/2007 c4 Arianna
I was away for a week on a... vacation of sorts.

And I come back to find two amazing chapters. Yay! I love your writing style. It's amazing how much it has matured even since the last Nocte Yin!

Please update really, really soon!
7/29/2007 c4 abandonnnnned
Oh, sounds like my worst nightmare- intensive training!
7/28/2007 c4 4Undecided.And.Confused
Wow that was amusing. Not the pain part...how do you come up with these names? “What are using as disguises?” You missed "we".
7/27/2007 c4 Selena Lyle
Training :O Hehehe. Well Nocte is finallyy gonna geet stronger! Is Aman gonna be coming in anytime soon? I like Aman :D As do I like Noir, even though he's a jerk. But anyways, I hope Nocte gets over Delano =O And goes with Paine :D but that's unlikely... :P CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT CHAPPIE!
7/27/2007 c4 Wolf-of-Five-Elements
Nice! So Nocte finally has to actually work... I can understand why she doesn't want to do all that training though...
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