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for Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

7/27/2007 c4 4Mistress DragonFlame
I liked this chapter, and how you have the Orc as a monk. And I'm very happy with the reapperance of her animals, and I pray that the at least one of the Hell Hounds will be coming back. Have her summon one as a test by the Necro-dude, and then have it refuse to leave, or something. Please?
7/27/2007 c4 8Amethyst Asheryn
Aw. Poor Nocte...I wouldn't want to have him as a tutor (I wouldn't want to have to climb u a frickin mountain with buckets of water either, but that's sorta beside the point...) Can't wait 'til you update again. :)
7/22/2007 c3 4Morgan Davis
*gasp!* who could her new tutors possibly be? oh dear god! i think your story is going to kill me... I CAN'T HANDLE THE SUSPENSE! i'm seriously considering just dropping off of your reader list for a month or so... just so i can read more than one chapter at a time! but alas, you're too good for that. (damn you.) i'll just rise from my unfortunate and premature death and read it anyway. ok well i hope you have mucho inspiración! [literally] can't wait for more!

7/22/2007 c3 Seraphic Deviltry
I hope you write more. Your work is excellent, though one thing I don't get: was Nocte meant to be in school this year? and can't the other Yins track her? Anyway I love your story but this chapter left something to be desired, it feels like there wasn't really a point to it, not enough information; it would have been better if you made it longer and wrote about her tutors.

And also for some reason from the summary I pictured her going to Hero to be kept safe but without an alias this time and if she did actually go to Hero she could have been with Delano...etc... you get my drift. But don't change your story just because of my measly review, I'm sure this installment will be just as fabulous as the last. And actually I don't really like Delano all that much, I like Noir better, I think it would be great if he fell in love with Nocte, she doesn't have to like him back, it can just be a one sided thing but-

I'm going to stop now because it's your story and you should write what you imagined. Your story is great so pay no attention to my 'it would be great if...' OK, END REVIEW.

xoxo Seraphic Deviltry xoxo
7/21/2007 c3 2moon eclipse shadows
God, I love this story. *hugs story* You are so AMAZING. ~^.^~

I'm glad that you liked the picture!

I'm always so happy when I see the email alert for this. ~^.^~ I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/21/2007 c3 Nara Merald
And Delano makes a comeback! Albeit in the form of the courting necklace... I find the whole situation with Umbra and Malise interesting still, not to mention I'm curious as to who the tutors are...
7/20/2007 c3 I.F
HAHAHAHA! A funny and touching moment, I didn't know it could be done outside of manga and comedies! It's probably for the best that Nocte has her mom there even if she gets annoying; without her Nocte would get way to serious/depressed. You're great in developing your characters and catching the readers attention with the plot. You use drama but not so much that it seems like a soap opera (sorry to all people who like soap operas).

Condensed version= I LOVE THIS STORY! ♥
7/20/2007 c3 Selena Lyle
Okay I have to keep this short because I gotta sleep but I LOVED IT! I liked the fact you added Nocte's mom into this chappie :D She's awesomee. Lol okay I have to go now, but I promise to make up for it on Chappie 4.
7/20/2007 c3 Wolf-of-Five-Elements
Nice! ^^ You know, the second best thing i like about u(after ur great story, of course) is that u actually UPDATE REGULARLY! So many ppl(especially on this site i think) stop, or only update after about an yr by which time i've usually lost interest in the story completely. So, please continue and UPDATE soon!
7/20/2007 c3 4Mistress DragonFlame
You know, I do wonder how Yang is going to react to seeing Nocte again. I mean, undoubtedly he heard of the unrest in the Yin clan caused by her. And then seeing her wear the courting necklace? He can either be insulted by it, or be touched by the notion.
7/20/2007 c3 4Undecided.And.Confused
Ahaha, I loved that dramatic ending. Filling the heart with thoughts. Just two things " Theron has five children and soon they’re going to mine too!" You forgot the "be" after 'going to "be" mine..' And when she talking to her mom "I just need a bit more practise that’s all.” Fix the word "practice" Can't wait for the next chapter. I wonder who her tuttors are.
7/20/2007 c3 Anee. vexivicious
I loved the part where Nocte was talking to her Mum but her Mum had selective hearing. Made me smile! Woot woot HP and Nocte on the same day. I really liked this chapter!
7/19/2007 c2 4Morgan Davis
you have no idea how much i look forward to this story! you are so talented, such a great writer and visionary, also [insert most fluffy and absolutely true compliments you can think of]! i hope you are able to keep updating regularly! and please, i'm praying to god (literally) that you don't get writers block... obsessive? me? no... just a bit absorbed in the world of NOCTE! oh! and i love how she totally kicked ass in this chapter! SHE IS SO A GODDAMN YIN! even if the family kicked her out, she's a YIN. ok well can't wait for more!

your adoring fan,

7/17/2007 c2 doc-peppper
Awesome! I don’t know how but you really have this way with words xD This is very well written. Choice of words was perfect. You were able to describe it well to the point that the reader could imagine everything you want them to. Also, it wasn’t too descriptive for someone to get bored reading it. It's a really great start.
7/15/2007 c2 Seraphic Deviltry
This story is so addictive. I hope you update soon because I would just die of boredom otherwise.

-Seraphic Deviltry
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