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for Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

2/9/2010 c30 Laura Wolf
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, i realy can't wait til i have time to read the next one, i'll stay up all night hiding under my covers and squinting at my wonderful phone with internet, reading the small but awesome letters of the next nocte yin, i cant wait!

I just thought i'd mention, i love the littl 'if this were a book' stuff it always humors me when every once in a while someone mentions that.
12/7/2009 c16 5Emote Control
That should be runes, not ruins.
9/25/2009 c27 AvalanchCXVII
Oh Dear, whatever happened to plot pacing a general plot cohesion in this chapter?
9/5/2009 c30 6A.K.A. Writer's Block

OKAY. I really, really, really need Farhat to come back. I'm a little in love with Farhat, and Miss Nocte really hurt him... I'm going to go voraciously devour the next story-or whatever is posted of it so far-of this series, and I'm just going to keep praying for Farhat's return.

Because I'm devastated that he's gone.


9/5/2009 c26 A.K.A. Writer's Block
I haven't reached the end of this particular... volume, I guess... yet, but I just felt the NEED to throw something out there... She better not end up with Delano, even if he decides he still wants her... She deserves someone WAY better.

I'd prefer Paine or Noir, really.

I really, truly would.

I actually quite like them.

But Delano? NO.

Love the story!

4/21/2009 c30 5Storyteller's Shadow
This has been my favourite Nocte instalment. In fact it could work as a book by itself. It had more action, more surprises, more funny moments and all characters, unlike the others. I really really enjoyed it. If you are planning on publishing Nocte Yin I think you can make it into a trilogy, this being the second book.

Farhat is now officially my favourite Nocte Yin character (actually one of my all time favourite characters from anything really), after Nocte of course. He is so funny, kind, but also...well grim. The idea of a nice grim reaper is very well done. I know he left Nocte at the end, but please try to let him come back in the next instalment. It would be a waste of a character. I've noticed sometimes you use characters shortermed only.

I was a bit unclear on the Khefty situation...I think I PMed you about it and also, is Occult still going to marry lord Khefty?

The Yangs surprised me. Delano really is easily manipulated. Lord Yang seemed very evil for a hero. I think that was really well done. Showing the good in the Yin and evil in Yang, but I wonder if maybe it is a bit too much. I can still see some evil in the Yins, but very little good in the Yangs. There should be more of a balance.

I think that Nocte's sishu (I do not know if that is how you spell it) should be shown more. He was a very good character, but again used very short termly.

In the end, when Aman, Pyrallis and Coralliss (sp?) told Nocte they would stay with her the way they talked was quite out of their character. As if you used them only to give fair lines to everyone.

You did a very good job with the princess, she was very human. I think though you should have elaborated on her darker side just a bit.

You did an amazing job. So good, I dreamt about Nocte. Something about me being her and having the courting pendant. Imperial guards were trying to find me and take it back . very strange. I really loved this installment, and hope to catch up to you in the next one.
10/14/2008 c30 Wolf-of-Five-Elements
Great job with this story! Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, really busy... So, the prophecy came true... I was surprise to find out that Měi Fèng actually had magic. Keep up the great work! I'm looking forward to reading your next work!
9/21/2008 c30 2pfeiffer
wow... this is something different... Nocte grew up... although I hated to see her so hurt... but I guess she was right... there are no happy endings...

god... I've been away for a long time and trust me, this is the first time in a long while that i got back online and I had to scroll down to find your story in my fave list because I was damn excited to find out what happened after her dad died...

Nocte invading Earth? hm... that ought to be fun... I imagine the same cast and new one's... you got to add new one's... maybe a new love interest for our evil and lovable Lady Nocte... can't wait for the next installment...
9/14/2008 c30 Arianna
Everything about this chapter, everything about this book is perfect. I was stunned by how beautifully you were able to kill us by her family's reaction. I was really afraid this was the end, that you would end this with Nocte losing what she once held so dear, but no! it's not the end.

I'm a little hesitant of how you are going to pull of the Earth thing without making it...unbelievable... but knowing you, I'm sure you will do it flawlessy. If you wish to release it in October, I recommend Nocte's birthday, October 13th for the release date.

I look forward to your next update. Congratulations on an amazing book completed.
9/7/2008 c30 Zephyr Samagi
Okay, I just read Nocte Yin 1-4 in a few weeks, and I have to say I'm in awe. Your plots are so great, your characters too, and more than once I was literally rolling on the floor laughing, and other times had my eyes glued to the screen because I couldn't stop reading. Nocte Yin is like undescribably awesome...times 10.

I really love the characters Nocte Yin, Necrosis Paine, Farhat, and Noir(I was hoping he was still alive). Nocte Yin is a great main character, and you've made her original. You've really made her develop, and change slowly without her even knowing. From the beginning I was a fan of Paine, Noir and Nocte being friends, and didn't ever fully support Delano. I love Farhat, especially all the times he was crying in a corner and playing with his scythe. The Yin family is also so well done.

I appreciate the different styles you tried in the books: the letters were funny, the first person point of view, the quotes. The whole thing is all in all uber-creative. I just have to thank you and praise you for writing Nocte Yin. I'm looking forward to the next book!
8/31/2008 c30 4Morgan Davis
Yay! i am soo glad that you finished it too! it was so sad though! her family cast her out! poor nocte! i am going to avidly await the next one!

you are an amazing writer! i absolutely love nocte and all the characters in between! can't wait to see nocte ruling the world! WOOT! (though i don't know how that will work out, because mei feng is empress and dire is in lamise... but you'll work it out)

8/31/2008 c30 Bek
That was, the Ultimate.

Best. Ending. EVER!

I still have tears in my eyes... The pure emotion in this last chapter (in ALL of them) was fantastic. You are a genius.

I, naturally, cant wait for the next one.

You, rock.

Thank you.
8/30/2008 c30 I.F
ARG! I had the most AWESOME review EVER but then my computer froze up, IT'S NOT FAIR! Now I have to completly remake it and hope I still get the point across:

This is a GREAT chapter - also it's the most depressing chapter I have ever read in the Nocte series. Poor Nocte, this is the worst thing that has happened to her(and I hate it when characters get ostricized for something that was not their fault). I'm glad she didn't kill Great-grandmother Lian, she's always been the most tolerant/kind of the elders. Poor Farhat, I really hope they get back together. Farhat finally made his first friend, and it's not his fault that he had to reap Umbra - that's his job. Cool move giving Měi Fèng a secret talent, when you look back it was brought up subtly when she played with the bangle. Nocte really shouldn't have brought up Měi Fèng's dead father but she really wasn't herself at the time. Nocte is depressed at the end (can't blame her) but she should try to remember that she isn't completely alone - she still has people like Aman, Melissa (and the Winds), Měi Fèng, and others(and her family will most come around in time-hopefully).

I'm really glad that there is another sequel coming out, I don't want this story to end as a tragedy - because it is NOT a TRAGEDY (hopefully)! For the sequel, it's cool how you're bringing up Earth after you only mentioned it in passing before. I want to see how that goes, Nocte needs a place where no one knows who she is and also I can't picture her as a conquering type outside of her Yin-mode. For some reason this is the only thing in the series that has stumped me : chi/chakra (fine), hero vs. villian (fine), magical creatures (fine), conquering another world as a final project (confused). I know there are A LOT of galacies/planets/whatever out there but I just can't imagine having one person conquer an entire planet as a final project (though it is nice to know what the mysterious final project is). Does that mean you control the planet or your family gets it, especially when you die? After awhile, a clan will have control over hundreds of planets (considering all the relatives going to Evil and all the generations which keep growing). How do they take care of other planets if they spend most of their time on their home planet? This means that every clan is especially powerful if they have their own planets to take resouces from so does that means that they can only prove their power by what happens on their home planet? Does the better the clan mean the better pick of planet you get or is it just like a lottery (is funny picturing the Evil teachers doing that)? I hope the sequel comes out soon and good luck with it.

This is the first time I've followed a Nocte Yin from start to end (only found this series during the third instalment)! Thank you for commenting on my reivews, it's flattering to know that my reviews were read and paid attention to. And PLEASE, WARN US if you want to listen to Sam and choose a publisher. I've had two authors choose to turn their stories over to a publisher so they abruptly take down their stories (and I don't know where to look for their books if and when they come out in a bookstore near me). T_T I don't want to loose Nocte... Of course it is a good chance for an author so I can't hold you back if you really want to do it, I'll support you but just give us readers a HEADS UP! Good luck on the sequel and I can't wait to read it!
8/30/2008 c30 fusionbeam
well you kept the story characters realistic and interesting good story don't wanna wait for next so hurry up :)
8/29/2008 c30 abandonnnnned
OH MY GOD! Poor Nocte. I feel very emo for her right now! (But still really want to see her get it on with Noir;)

I know her family will come around... and in the meantime, farming rice? How intruiging.

Nocte gets better every book, and I loved "A Hero Wannabe?".

Until the next book...
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