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for Nocte Yin: A Hero Wannabe?

8/29/2008 c30 2Phantos
Wow! We've come a long way since the beginning of this one... I hardly remember what happened at the start.

I was crying again by the end of this chapter - especially at the end of the chapter. I never thought Nocte's family could hate her for anything, but I guess this was it. I think her father would have wanted her to pick Corliss... but I don't expect the rest to understand...

Please bring Farhat back next book! He's now one of my favorite characters.

A few grammatical/spelling errors in this chapter, but most seem to be typos. Though "fowl sweep" stuck out in my mind: the expression as I've heard it is "fell swoop." It's kind of an archaic phrase, since we don't use "fell" in that meaning anymore, but most people should know what you mean.

Really looking forward to the next one! Though Earth? That'll be strange.

Shoot me an e-mail when you have it up, okay?

8/28/2008 c30 1stoplightgodess
Laugh, cry, reread. I am always eager to read more, more, more. But the time between updates only makes them the more intense because this is one of those stories that is never too far in the back of my mind. Congratulations on finishing another Nocte Yin book! And good luck with juggling it all in the future. My thanks for many happy hours of reading. You are a gifted writer.
8/28/2008 c30 Selena Lyle
Oh god. These past few years of Nocte have been very eventful and I'm glad I discovered this charming and wonderful story. The ending was very well written although I am extremely grateful you did not leave it at that. I couldn't imagine Nocte ending on a bad note with her beloved family. Oh gosh, Farhat... I feel completely horrible about what happened between those two. Please tell me he'll be back? I miss him too much already. In fact, I miss EVERYONE. I know it's probably going to be a while before the fifth book comes together, but please do know you have many, MANY faithful readers who really look forward to the fifth Nocte.

Much love,

Selena Lyle
8/28/2008 c30 2Once upon a smile
Amazing end! I really enjoyed this one, the others were more light-hearted and fun but I liked the new characters and the thicker plot so much! I'll be eagerly anticipating the next one, sounds good! I can't believe Noctes been going for YEARS! I know it's going to become big one day. Ya know what I've actually decided on a career plan. I'm not so much a writer but a reader with a great imagination and media is such a popular course with jobs hard to come by I'm going into publishing. There's actually courses for it! So maybe in a few years time if this isn't already on the way to beyond Harry potter-dom I'll help! XP Enjoy the rest of summer (I start next tuesday!) and the peaceful time before you start writing the 5th Nocte! xx
8/27/2008 c30 Satha
Awesome stuff! Her family is really mad at her, I hope they patch things up eventually. D= Though, I can see it taking quite a while.

Thanks for the thanks, by the way. Even though I haven't been commenting, I've still been reading it all. ^-^

Oh, and I so can't wait for the next book, as it sounds real interesting. Lol at Earth, we're all doomed. =p
8/27/2008 c30 Sam
Beautiful ending. You have a very very interesting way of telling a story. run your stories by a publisher. I wont really put you in that category as of now, you need a little more simplicity & unpredictability in plot, you are almost there. so.. All the best for your venture... I'l be waiting for sequel.
8/27/2008 c30 Michelle Habibi

Wonderful ending...by that I mean how it was written because what happened was actually horrible :( Poor Nocte

I can't wait to read the fifth installment! Taking over the earth..sounds interesting. I wonder how Nocte is going to do it!

I've been reading about Nocte for only a year, I think. But it feels like forever! It always makes me happy to see a new chapter alert :P I just drop everything and read, lol.

Now, this review is getting way too long, so good luck writing book 5!

-Michelle Habibi
8/27/2008 c30 Scribblesandink
Wow, it's over? It's over. But there's going to be more, so I will be eagerly awaiting that!

This was quite an emotional journey and one that presented many tests to so many of the characters. I cannot wait for the next installment of Nocte's story!
8/27/2008 c30 4Mistress DragonFlame
Haha! I laughed so much at the fact she's to take over Earth. It's certainly not a final project that I had thought would pop up, but it makes sense... somewhat. I mean, Mellissa, she's just a spy. How could a spy take over a world, and more importantly-how do they prove this, and what do they do with it afterwards?
8/27/2008 c30 3Mik Sunrider
Thank you for such enjoyable work, I enjoyed every moment of the story. I look forward to any more Nocte Yin stories and I hope one day I will find your work on the bookshelves at Borders.
8/27/2008 c30 4Undecided.And.Confused
I think if this was the last book, I would have hunted you down and threatened you at gunpoint to write another sequel. I teared up in this chapter too, I can't believe you've made it so sad... but it kind of makes it more realistic that way. I like happy endings better though. I think it's kind of sad how things ended with Farhat, but especially her family. I understand why they turned on her, but WHY? Poor Nocte. I love how in the end Aman is her greatest friend, always. As for the sequal, great summary... take over EArth @ ! Gosh. THAT SOUND SO COOL! I can't wait to see what you make of it!
8/27/2008 c30 xInkMusique
SEQUEL, SEQUEL, SEQUEL! yay! this chapter is depressing though... hopefully farhat will be in the next one
8/27/2008 c30 Amethyst Asheryn
Hi! Ashe again!

I just wanted to nullify the part of my last review that said 'is there going to be another book.' See, I was dumb and didn't read the entire A/N 'cause I was in such a hurry to review. *Blushing*

8/27/2008 c30 8Amethyst Asheryn
Aw, thanks. LOL. It wasn't originally meant to remind people of purple glitter, but that sounds cool too! Haha.

Oh, I adored the chapter. Don't worry. Will there be another book, or is this the end of the entire series?

This whole chapter was so emotional! I had tears in my eyes several times; awesome job!

I love how Malise was so composed - almost cheerful - until the last minute. It's just so ... her. All their reactions are so perfect. I want to know your character development secrets. I am extremely jealous of you. :)

This whole story was amazing. It may even have been the best in the whole series. Well, this one and the second book (though I may be expecially attached to book 2 'cause it was the first one I ever read, oddly.)

You should really try to get these published. Just my opinion, though.

Hoping for another book (if there isn't one, I'll enjoy the ones still here),

8/14/2008 c29 2Phantos

I think my brain just exploded. I'm also about to cry. I can't believe Farhat wouldn't save him for her! But I think I understand... just, I don't think she'll forgive him... which sucks, 'cause I love Farhat.

So... do we get to see her destroy her Clan now?
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