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12/2/2007 c1 34Kneeling Glory
You caught my attention with "she twists her dreams around her wrists/and cries soft-spoken memories"

Those lines are stunningly gorgeous. Great write.
8/23/2007 c1 140Pesadilla Mortal
Wow. Could there be any other word to describe this? Of course; a multitude. But "wow" seems to emphasize my point alot quicker.

The way this is written really creates a strong emotion in the reader's heart/mind. It's a saddening poem that strikes a sense of loss and hopelessness into the reader, but also leaves a person to appreciate the life before the tragic end. I could maybe give you a line from this that really stands out, but no one line deserves more praise than another for they are all equally stunning.

Keep Writing!

8/14/2007 c1 230lovelikeamixtape
thanks for sucking out my soul, now i can't ever be happy again.

no seriously though. even though now i feel like crying, this is so beautiful; you're really talented.
7/16/2007 c1 332smile for the sunshine
Aw, that was so sad. But message well conveyed.

It was -b e a u t i f u l-.

Keep up the great work. =]
7/7/2007 c1 21Faith Adeline
aw sad poem. Very good though. Keep up the good work.

7/7/2007 c1 tearing hands
Beautiful and heartbreakingly sad. I love the lines "and he pretended he was doing good/ and she pretended he was doing good".
7/7/2007 c1 92Fate Defied
Wow... I can just see the emotion coming out of this. Such poignancy, strife, and anguish. I can see it all... very wonderfully described, made me get a little tearful. Good job.

7/7/2007 c1 22BeautifulAssassin
So sad. just...amazing...keep wrting!

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