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for Don't Open the Windows

5/30/2008 c1 8TwilightReverie
Oh, very interesting! im liking where this is going a lot. This third guy with the gun sounds like an intriguing fellow and the girl seems like a good protagonist. It also flows very well. Keep up the good work!
7/23/2007 c5 Mallory
Whoot! whoot! I love this story, finaly got around to reading, sorry it took so long. Well nice job.
7/19/2007 c3 kReS
Nyuk! What is this dark mysterious thing crawling down? Lol, I would know, I'm your proofreader. I like Bjorn, and I don't know why. It hasn't exactly said much about him. Anyway, I love it, as I always have. Update, you fiend! Update soon! Very soon!
7/19/2007 c2 2MiScHiEvOuS sMiLeS
yes once again very, very short. u could've almost shoved the first chapter in with the prologue but that's okay. i do like how u just jumped into what was happening though, despite the shortness, that's what kept me reading. i find london quite funny but hey she had to find a weapon, right? might as well find anything that's a sharp pointy object. those work the best! lol good job and keep writing

-ur c lovey
7/19/2007 c1 MiScHiEvOuS sMiLeS
indeed it is very short, but very catchy. i'll leave u a longer review in the other chapter
7/10/2007 c2 kReS
i'm back. again. i'll do this, again, because you told me to. hee hee. i loved the antlers thing, it was hilarious. oh! and the drugged green beans! mustn't forget the drugged green beans, lol. i agree, it is short and sweet. update soon, you being.
7/10/2007 c1 Mallory
Hey! nice job. I like, you need to continue this. It had good imagery, and a nice flow. Props.
7/10/2007 c1 kReS
whee! i do agree that it is a bit short, but it's a prologue. that doesn't matter, and i only say that because i write about two thousand pages in one chapter, i'm weird that way. Back to the original point! I enjoyed it very much and i'm already curious for the next chapters to come! You shall update. Or I shall hunt you down and there will be consequences. Just kidding! *grin*

You better not slack off on this. From what you've told me, I can tell it's going to be hilarious,

Your old chap,


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