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12/27/2007 c3 31Cupid's Jinx

So sweet!


7/22/2007 c3 1Fleeting Moment
That was so sweet!
7/15/2007 c2 adnama3121
Hey, I don't know if I've asked this already or not, but is this going to be one of those stories where she is completely ignorant about guys, like completely virginal and hasn't even had her first kiss or anything. Even though I know this is your story, but here goes my suggestion: To match a new confident personality, she should have gotten over the fear of guys, maybe a couple boyfriends, maybe a somewhat serious relationship, I don't know if you don't believe in having sex before marriage or anything, but maybe she should have had a semi-serious relationship (like with sex, I mean). You don't have to take my suggestion or anything, but I really can't stand it when writers make girls completely ignorant of the male species (wow, that was a weird way to say it, lol), I mean, I guess it's okay, it just seems like it would match her new personality, though it's only been one chapter with the new her and I could be misjudging but...


P.S. Sorry about the long message, I always get carried away and off topic, lol :)
7/15/2007 c2 vio923
Shouldn't the next chapter tell us what happened "the following day?"
7/15/2007 c2 2Miraculous.Science
Aww...that is so sad! I dont like Zach! But I think further into it I will change that opinion. I love the way you write, its really great! Can't wait for an update!

This story is really great by the way! One of my favorites! update soon!
7/11/2007 c1 SuperCUTEJensen
interesting story...I like it...I want to know what happens next...pls post soon
7/11/2007 c1 Miraculous.Science
This is an awesome story! Can't wait for you to continue! Your writing style is really great too. update soon!
7/11/2007 c1 1Fleeting Moment
O, I like! UPDATE!
7/11/2007 c1 1irritatedgrizzly
Good beginning chapter. you used "as" alot, especially in the first two paragraphs. But I didn't see too many other errors. the fact that they didn't recognize cat was pretty funny but i thought it was rude that they weren't even like "whose your friend?" or whatever =) but otherwise i thought it was good =)

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