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9/16/2007 c10 136Elliptical Shapes
Wow, one of my friends came out a few years ago, no problems. Don't see why its such a big deal to some people. Nice envisionment of the response from a typically religious family though.

9/16/2007 c9 Elliptical Shapes
9/16/2007 c8 Elliptical Shapes
Name/rank/number Baxter, I don't think you have to give them your date of birth. Nice concept.
9/16/2007 c7 Elliptical Shapes
Diary entry? Eh? Strange one.
9/16/2007 c6 Elliptical Shapes
I like this.
9/16/2007 c5 Elliptical Shapes
I suppose it could have happened any time.
9/16/2007 c4 Elliptical Shapes
Cool. Me enjoyed reading this oh great Baxterial one.
9/16/2007 c3 Elliptical Shapes
9/16/2007 c2 Elliptical Shapes
Are parties not meant for stumbling and stupidity? Have I missed the point BaXter?
9/16/2007 c1 Elliptical Shapes
Wow Baxter, "little botanist baby/growing plants and winning"

You'll never know how much that made me giggle.

Sorry i've not been in touch, moved flat, only just got back online today after 2 months, been hectic.

Will e-mail soon.

8/22/2007 c10 33WyrdWolf
Wow, very innovative choice for this excercise. And it was also a great metaphor that was well-used from the beginning to the end. Awesome.

8/22/2007 c9 WyrdWolf
This is rather cool, love. I like the begining part, especially the bread crumbs bit. The last stanza confused me a bit, though the ending part was lovely.

8/21/2007 c3 871no.peace.los.angeles
Ooh, sneaky. I like how you modernized this, since there obviously weren't cars and cell phones (or even lights, for that matter, lol) back in Revere's time. Cool, cool. Keep writing! :)
8/19/2007 c10 57empathic life
I did promise to read these eventually. Today seemed a good day to lose myself in your words... Felicia, darling... Um. Beautiful. All of it. You make me jealous.
8/17/2007 c10 18Sir Scott
It takes a lot of courage to admit your gay, especially if you'll telling someone who is homophobic. I don't think it bothers as many people like it did in the old days. But, I'm sure some people would react like you had set off an atom bomb for telling them that. So, it was a good way of describing the experience.

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