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8/30/2007 c1 xx stellamoon xx
i liked this! nice work.

i've also read and enjoyed some of your other work too. i know some of your other reviewers are nagging you about your spelling and grammar issues and that it bothers you, but i think that it is some criticism that you should really listen to. when something in a piece is littered with silly and easily fixed mistakes it really draws attention away from your writing and whatever message you are trying to get across. so i wouldn't tell people that they shouldn't read your writing if they have a problem with your spelling and grammar. if you tell people that then no one will WANT to read your stuff.

also, in your profile:

eers: errors

budda: buddha

fasinated: fascinated

charater: character

sorry, i'm a grammar nazi XD
8/2/2007 c1 3Desired Lease
I find this poem to be very good and very relatable. It's nice, and I always respect people that can write poetry well, because it is a difficult task.

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