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for Angels Amongst Us

11/19/2001 c1 4Wee
great story!

if you ever need a proof reader email me or just email me anyway!
3/28/2001 c2 earth
Dae doesn't like it, but I think it's cool.
3/28/2001 c2 CHCHCHCHADDU
I love it, now I'm in such suspense hehe

I like how you go into such detail, but not overly so that 3 paragraphs into it you're still describing someone's eyelids or something like that

Now write the rest!

3/27/2001 c2 Alicia
Dammmmmmmmmm update! you got me intrigued! ;) it's soo good!
3/27/2001 c2 girl poisons boy
Still lovin it :)

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