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2/7/2016 c37 Guest
This is one of the best stories I've ever read!
2/7/2016 c35 Guest
That was just the perfect speech. It made me cry
2/7/2016 c34 Guest
OMG! I can't believe the headmasters dying. Poor Belle
2/5/2016 c24 Guest
finally those two got together. it was about time. :)
P.S(This book is AMAZING!)
12/6/2015 c37 beyonalovelyxox
This story was so. Worth it.
11/14/2014 c23 JConsunji
Isn't it unfair for Dean. Like...Belle is the only who gets amazing orgasm. I just think maybe you should jack him off too, Belle. Haha! Well, Dean isn't complaining so no harm done, really.
9/26/2014 c21 Guest
The whole Irish drunk thing is definitely not a rumor. I'm Irish, and I chose not to drink years ago, as I come from a very long line of alcoholics. And my Irish ancestors that came over to America? Yeah, they became the town drunks. All of 'em.
9/26/2014 c12 Guest
She's so sweet!
9/26/2014 c1 Guest
A principal matchmaking? Odd.
3/13/2013 c28 Guest
I was actually worried you would make her pregnant because you didn't mention condoms,but then she did mention birth control and I was alright again.I hate it when the main character gets pregnant
2/3/2013 c11 Nocturnal-Silver-Wolf
"You! You steal everyone's boyfriend and I'm sick of it!" Corinne laughed. Shouldn't it be Christie?
1/31/2013 c37 Kate
Odd, but I've read a Harry Potter fanfiction Story that is quite familiar with this one furthermore i think that they have the same title...Hmmm
11/2/2012 c37 missyb1988
Amazing story! I loved the humor and sarcasm of belle and dean, there characters along with the others were great. I love a cliché story, always a sucker for a happy ending. I did think that the story was going too quickly, but it still seemed to work. I liked how you captured their feelings of love, you did the story great. Truly brill! :)
8/23/2012 c1 Donna
Hey I know someone with that name, that's offensive.
8/23/2012 c37 Jess
The comment on the name was really rude.
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