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3/12/2005 c3 setsuna
very good :) i feel they should be more
5/5/2004 c3 14biminator
interesting. hm. gonna go read the sequel now.
2/16/2004 c3 pewpewpera fah wef
Eh, vampires. *shivers* nasty little creatures. Good story, nasty creatures.
1/15/2004 c3 frizzielizzie
i really hope its not the end. its really good!
6/22/2003 c3 5R.C.Polk
Maybe it's the fact that I am up late but- It was a good story. I got a little confused around when she woke up. It felt rushed, you need to slow it down more. Try having a little mystery surrond the whole situation. Maybe have her thoughts linger about killing Dan, a crisis of consince maybe? Good luck and great story.

Future Werewolf,

R.C. Polk
7/17/2002 c1 AptertousBird
I love your stories.. its so weird becuase my name is terra. Kinda close isnt it? ^ ^ Im majorly into anime and I love drawing, and drawing comic books and writing my own stories. Its nice to see my fellow anime fan. =)

Embracing the wind~ Apterous B i r d
10/12/2001 c1 34NeonGensis
Good lord, you wrote this WHEN? In seventh grade? Jeez louise, that was good. I´m gonna go and check out the rest of your stories now, and add you as a favorite author! Ja ne!
6/1/2001 c3 3Animechic24
Oh my gos steph, how could you write like that, give me your brain! Great Job! ~Chibi Steph
6/1/2001 c2 Animechic24
Oh my god! I got zapped into your story steph! that gave my chills! and the fact that it is 1:16 AM in the morniing only helps me be more- not exactly scared but freacked, yea know? I love this story! You said this was your old stlye of writing, I think it's pretty good though! Awsome job steph, now on to the last chap!
4/5/2001 c3 4soccerchick007
Very good, for being written in 7th grade. Great sensory details...keep it up.
4/5/2001 c3 Joel
I thought the stroy rocked! It was so cool Could you some how write more. i would love to read it. I thought that the story was so intersting. I like to write but I'm not sure anyone would want to read my stuff. thank you for listening! COOL STORY!
4/1/2001 c2 7JaffaCake
Slam! Ok, had to do that. Ok beginning so far, but I'll need to see more before I can make a better review.
3/31/2001 c2 star
Gooooooood! Very very good!
3/28/2001 c1 L.E. Lamkin
Interesting enough beginning. A bit mechanical, I mean, this is sort of a cookie-cutter story so far. Pretty girl likes pretty boy, pretty boy dumps pretty girl. Pretty girl gets hit in the head with a baseball. Okay, so it's not quite cookie-cutter. Well, I hope the vampire stuff shows up soon. I'll be looking for an update.

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