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6/14/2010 c1 ghurl00
That was heartbreaking.
1/14/2009 c1 anon
good story but i don't get why she broke up with him. :S
12/24/2008 c1 13blurrylights
I feel so terrible for the guy...that girl was just so cruel. He seemed amazing! Well, I wish he had had a bit more of a backbone, but those are little things. I also loved how I could imagine my own scene, and you provided the perfect amount of detail. You really did an awesome job. :)
7/17/2007 c1 remae
awh, I feel so horrible for him. But I truly enjoyed reading this the whole way through, I loved when he said "Oh, don't coddle me." becuase I love that word and now that line, and it made your story all that more realistic because it's natural for a person to be upset after something like that instead of say something like "okay, if that's how you feel." great job, keep it up (:

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