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for Pacific Night

7/26/2007 c1 48MarvellousMarvin
this was really lovely! the metaphors and the images wrere really awesome and i love your style of writing..the way it all flows into eachother kinda mocks the coninuity of the waves.

really really nice!

thanks for the reviews if i didnt already thank you! (sorry ive been away and lost track!)
7/21/2007 c1 44AuraBorealis
that was so wonderful. it was probly the best i have ever read in a while.
7/20/2007 c1 7cpneb
And, He looked down and smiled: Yes, you are, and, yes, you will be!

I'm sorry for your loss; losing a close friend, no matter your age, is painful. I lost one of my closest 3 years ago, and I still miss her, but I have learned to praise and her good works and remember the good times we had together.

This is a very nice work: not what I would have expected from the title, but not disappointing at all.

Reach for the stars, and they shall, indeed, be yours.


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