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for Nicholas Grean

4/12/2008 c1 4DrownMySoul
Aw, little bothers. Makes you just want to hug them...to death.

*sighs* Sad, I don't have a little brother, I wish I had one so I could pick on him...bummer.

This was hilarious!...and... MICKEY MOUSE IS SCARY!

3/13/2008 c13 1SimplyBit
Not so bad, lovin' the last comment... or line whatever... I'm sleepy...~pouts~
2/9/2008 c13 xBlackSoul
Love it! Mwhahah, the ending after p.s. mwhaha, totally funny!
2/5/2008 c11 xBlackSoul
I'm going to read the cliffhanger and the happy ending chapter! just because I like to do that, hwhahahhahahha! update soon!
2/5/2008 c12 xBlackSoul
oehh,, nicee chapters! I read the chapters and I liked it, the cliffhanger too :P update soon!
2/4/2008 c2 Briana
Wow. I wonder what your favorite book series is...could it possibly be...The Mediator?

Good story, but a little too similar plot to Suze's - moving, she's seeing ghosts, Nicholas is half Spanish...?
1/17/2008 c1 20Abby Arons
reveiw of chapter one:

I thought it was a good start, I like the use of todays common vanacular, and the sarcasm and dialogue of the character is well developed. Few instances of "you're" versus "your" that could be addressed, (spell checker wouldn't catch this), but a good plot, and believable characters throughout. Well done ^.^ Can't wait to read chapter two.

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