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for Truth

1/19/2009 c1 14eskimoxisses
If you liked writing this one shot I definitely enjoyed reading it. Thanks for bringing it to fictionpress. Made me wonder: if he could deceive both eyes then what kind of man was he?
9/8/2007 c1 M.D.Irvine
hmm funny how im just seeing this i dunno y. i guess i only have OT for story alert maybe. *adds author to author alert*

It was strange and interesting. I was curious about what would happen with this man that was devoid of lies and truth especially when she foolishly assumed she was safe. The kiss though wasn't what I expected at all :)

I wonder if that isnt the way it is with most people. You can read people but when it is someone u r infatuated with or find intoxicating like she did then ur usual gut instinct/ reading is all messed up.

She said the first time they met he lied to her but what did he lie about?
7/22/2007 c1 slimkitty
Very interesting, it's a shame it's only a one-shot. It has nice descriptions and a fascinating idea behind it.

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