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for My Own Mortality

7/27/2007 c1 18Sir Scott
I have thought of my death a lot. I think I would like to die alone with no one watching me. I hate hearing my family talk about watching my grandfather die. I think I am sort of immortal, because I make concrete lawn ornaments for a living. As long as someone plants a flower in the concrete urn that I made or when I bird takes a bath in one of my birdbaths a piece of me lives forever.

I liked how you talked about your the world within your own head. I think I would have blowed my own brains out long ago if it was not for that world.

I would have figured that it would have improved your sex life by making you a more creative lover. Keep up the honest and thought provoking writing.

7/26/2007 c1 deletethisaccountplease9
Interesting. You kind of lost me in your whole fear of death dialogue. Were you trying to make a sense of getting over dying or working yourself up to do it?

I do like the whole 'one day we must all wake from the Dream' quote. It is from Robert Jordans the Wheel of Time series right?

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