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8/11/2007 c6 65sugarrose12
Haha, oh gosh that makes it so livid! I was kind of confused on some of the names...I forget who I invited (I know ,that's terrible!) but I liked it. And it makes me realize how far we've come...friendwise. I think you might need a bit more character development, though; it was a bit confusing in places. Great job overall though!
8/2/2007 c1 8BeautifulRain
Review for review :) I like your style, it's CORRECT which I really appreciate whenever I set aside time to read a story. I love poetry, but I think you are fully capable of doing justice to both genres. Thanks again for the review! :)
7/27/2007 c3 9Scevity
I like this story. I think the first chapter's my favorite, but the way it progresses (I think that's the right word) is really good.
7/27/2007 c3 65sugarrose12
Aww that was so cute...I'm kinda worried about what will happen in future chapters...but I'll read it when it comes. You end your chapters really nicely!

Hm...does Mitzy fit me? I would've never thought that, lol. Lana is nice, so is James and Hal. It'll be fun to read the year through your perspective. Good job.

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