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7/27/2007 c1 Serom Kim
This is one interesting story that you've written here ... fictionpress has stories where the teacher is male and the student is female, but you don't hear about the reversal too much! Any reversal is fine with me, and we need a change from cliche. Catherine seems like a realistic character, and Mariah sounds like a friend trying to give advice.

Great grammar, I must say. Lots of stories have improper grammar and stuff that I wonder how old the writers are, but yours is pretty good. At times, it seemed a little repetitive, like in this line:

"I had an English class a while ago but I let them out early in order to talk to Mariah. Mariah had done the same with her Physics class."

"Mariah" is used twice right next to each other ... "she" could have been used in place for the second Mariah.

Like your story, though. Continue!

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