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7/9/2012 c27 Phoenix
awesome fight sences, love the detail of them, to many authors just gloss over the details as though the fights dont matter :S

why doesn't Z ever use his abilities till he absolutely has to tho? would have really thought healing sumire would be a top priority considering he knows that on top of all the damage she's sustained she's gonna start losing alot of blood from that curse he hasn't bothered removing.
7/9/2012 c26 Phoenix
man he's got way more trust than i do...
Also why the hell is he putting them both through all this, all his troubles have been easily avoidable or conquered with his ability but he never even tries...

Why not teleport them both to the prophet or demon dude?

why not freeze his enemies in time for a few hours?

why not make themselves undetectable to any that mean them harm?

I'm loving this story but man it's frustrating understanding what he COULD do only to have him disappoint again and again, he's got to be the most unimaginative person in history. I get that alot of it is him being held back by his own fears but all of those options i just listed are within the bounds he's set for himself and given how reliant on others his personality clearly is it seems strange he didn't just (at least try or think of) warp his ass out of the cell and into the prophets chambers.
7/8/2012 c11 Guest
how can the main character, or any living thing, be so dumb? honestly my goldfish can figure out more of what's going on the this idiot. Is he ment to be retarded? if so why is it never mentioned? I'd list in what ways he's displayed this but i'd have to cover nearly ever action and reaction he's preformed, particularly his conversations and lack of ANY insight.
7/8/2012 c9 Vampire
is this guy ever going to grow some balls? the never ending self doubt against all reason and evidence is getting really really old, i thought he would have man'ed up after his fist world experience, then his second trial yet against all logic and reason he's still nothing but a whiny little girl blaming everything on everyone around him. It's frustrating cause apart from that one thing this story is incredible, love the plot the humor even the other characters but the main guy... waste of space...
5/25/2010 c1 eiyuang999
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7/3/2009 c55 fusionbeam
ok 3 questions z was sober last chapter but in this one he's drunk was there an invisible bottle of jack lying around? second why didn't he wish them all clothed? and third who was first sumire or aria :)
5/7/2009 c54 7KuroKage1717
Lol! That was quite funny! If they got that drunk on juice and carbonated stuff, wonder what happened if they consumed large amounts of alcohol? Heheh...looking forward to see what happens to Z.
5/3/2009 c54 fusionbeam
rofl i've to admit awesome ending to the chapter next chapter i gotta read highly amusing chapter
5/3/2009 c53 fusionbeam
didn't get to see the original chapter 2 but this is a masterpiece had my full attention from start to end
4/4/2009 c53 KuroKage1717
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it does. Lol, I laughed when Z was lamenting about shrinking HALO to a pocket size...

The scenes between Aria and Z were a bit awkward, but I could still sense their emotions toward each other. The last little bit was nice, too. I think you've improved a bit with showing your character's emotions, as I find it easier to 'tune' into their thoughts.

And whoa! Z is constantly shocking me - stopping the flow of time, now? What is he gonna do next? Incinerate an entire planet?

Awesome, awesome, awesome! (Though who the heck is that creepy bad guy who did something suspicious to Aria?)
3/23/2009 c52 onceuponastarrr
Wow. Well done. The conversation you painted between Z and Rhyxalu was done to really great effect =)
3/21/2009 c52 KuroKage1717
I see you've gotten the document manager to work, ;).

Oh boy. Sounds like Z and his crew have a crazy challenge ahead of them. I can't wait to see how they accomplish this mission. They do succeed, don't they? It would've been nice of Z could've shrunk HALO and fit it into his pocket. Then he would have a secret back-up weapon, lol.
3/16/2009 c51 1Hibito
Got to say, your writing vastly improved with the passing chapters. :) Love your language.

..I would comment more on the story, but I'm not that far in yet Q_Q
3/11/2009 c51 7KuroKage1717
Two things: I want a H.A.L.O. armor. And second, that last sentence really, really made me nervous. It's a very scary sentence. O.O

I enjoyed this chapter. Z has come a long, long way from the beginning of the story. I am still somewhat baffled as to what the connection is between Aria and Z, but nevertheless, I really love your battle scenes. In most stories, where there are a lot of those scenes, it gets boring after a while with all the repetition. But with yours, there's so much creativity going on, especially with Z's ability. It's all great. ^^
3/6/2009 c51 fusionbeam
why was the ability to evade all shots gone? i know it's a broken ability but it's part of the suit seems kinda odd he didn't use it even if to make it look like a pirate or terrorist raid that was what the fleet was for right?
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