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10/19/2008 c45 fusionbeam
finaly some back story :) no offense meant but curiosity was bugging me how it happened
10/17/2008 c45 7KuroKage1717
whoo! We uncover some clues in this chapter. . .I'm interested to see what happens next with the te'anari.
10/5/2008 c44 1Pterodactyl
Thank you for continuing it. I thought that it might be dead, usually after three months of no posting a story is dead.

I am just hoping for more. And your dialogue did not suck. You are quite good at writing it.

Can you say how far along the story we are, or do you have any idea? I enjoy countdowns.

Annother great chapter to an allready excellent story. Please continue.


10/5/2008 c44 7KuroKage1717
@.@. . .whoa...that was a lot of. . .stuff. i had to remind myself what had been happening before i read this. . .but it's good. z does need to sit down and chat with a good friend once in a while. . .
7/31/2008 c43 1Pterodactyl
OK, so I just made it through the entire thing, and said to myself that this work of fiction needs more reviews.

So I am gonna say WOW! This story is wonderful, your characters are breathtaking and stunning in their intricacy. The concepts and ideas are interesting and, Z is getting quite powerful.

I can't help but think why hasn't he made the command DIE yet? He can alter reality through use of forced conceptual words and he hasn't come up with die yet?

The word choice in this is fun and imaginative, though it has one too many videogame references, wait you allready toned those down, nevermind. I just read this practicaly straight through. I am barely following my thoughts now.

Thank you for the very entertaining read, and I hope that the nasty tendrils of Writers block don't strangle your muse.

RFYS (Read From Ya Soon)

7/5/2008 c43 fusionbeam
chapters keep getting better :)
7/2/2008 c43 7KuroKage1717
yay1 Z is becoming so awesome! He's so much stronger this way - i prefer it much more to the old z who is always limiting himself. wonder what the white crystal is all about?
6/28/2008 c42 KuroKage1717
Ah! Mean cliffhanger! Wow, so much happened - i kinda like it now that Z is running off on his own. he's becoming quite the soldier...! you know, have u ever read jules verne? it just struck me now that you are quite similar to him! see, you have an extraordinary imagination, plus the logic and all that stuff to back it up. if it were me, i'd just write wacked stuff and make up even wackier stuff to try and make sense out of it all, heheh...lol. great chapter.
6/22/2008 c42 fusionbeam
good chapter long in coming though
6/2/2008 c41 fusionbeam
hmm not unexpected yet still good. good luck on your finals
6/2/2008 c41 KuroKage1717
Nice -very nice. Poor Z - it almost feels like he's getting squashed into a little ball by all the pressure...
5/18/2008 c40 KuroKage1717
wow. . .O.O...i hope z isn't planning on doing something that ends in his death. he's just getting more and more amazing with every chapter. now if he does something big like just command all the bad guys to drop dead, and they do, i wouldn't be all that surprised...
5/12/2008 c39 fusionbeam
well that was awesome you got a lot of talent
5/2/2008 c38 KuroKage1717
luv this chapter! the metal suit thing sounded totally awesome (i want one!) and the part where he tried to back-flip and landed on his head - i laughed so hard.

And now that aria comes into the picture...i can just imagine the beserkness that's gonna come. i'm looking forward to see what happens.
5/1/2008 c38 fusionbeam
A mobile suit? nice touch. can't wait wait till next chapter.
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