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for Dreams of Uncertainty, Surrealism of Reality

4/28/2008 c37 fusionbeam
nice but as to how wise it is to be on the ground i'd say not so much it is a bit harder to dodge what they throw at ya there
4/17/2008 c36 7KuroKage1717
never thought we'd catch up to kiri and such again. a nice surprise! i enjoyed this chapter, and am looking forward to the next one. i'm getting even more curious to see how this prophesy things works out...^^
4/7/2008 c35 fusionbeam
so what was she trying to cook anyway?
4/5/2008 c35 KuroKage1717
ow, my brain! ^clutches head^ that was a whole lot to take in! but it did give some more clues. whew... i am in awe of how you can write such deep stuff like that. seriously, i have no idea how you can do that. this is amazing.

and interestingly, i find your writing style to hold some similarities to this other story. i can't remember its author, but its called symbiote beta, and it is on fictionpress. i bet you'd like it, too. :P
4/3/2008 c34 fusionbeam
your getting really good at this
3/24/2008 c34 KuroKage1717
Z is quite funny when it comes to naked girls. . . what a laugh! another brilliant chapter. the story is moving along well, although i can hardly remember how it all begins. hm, maybe i should reread the first couple chapters?
3/3/2008 c33 KuroKage1717
wow. this was a great chapter. i completely understand how z put his feelings on hold; and your depiction of grief was very real. great job!
2/25/2008 c32 fusionbeam
i saw this coming but still blew me away
2/22/2008 c32 KuroKage1717
um...you killed sumire? or does it merely seem like it? ah well, if you did, that's fine. it's sad, but it does add to the story, i suppose. heh, i guess it doesn't bother me too much since i usually kill off a lot of important people in my stories. but great chapter. am waiting for the next...:D
2/13/2008 c31 KuroKage1717
ha! the very moment when z was describing the girl from his dreams to sumire, and she reacted, i knew that her sister was the one! just knew it! lol...waiting eagerly for the next chapter. great job!
1/27/2008 c30 KuroKage1717
wow. that's pretty awesome. never expected alzrius to just pop out!
1/22/2008 c29 fusionbeam
cool definitely getting better
1/18/2008 c29 astranagant
onto a new world, this really has turn into an RPG :) nicely done. waiting for all the mystery to be unveiled
1/17/2008 c28 fusionbeam
nice chapter this story is shaping up nicely

no outa curiousity will he pull a sub zero move on him?
1/7/2008 c28 KuroKage1717
I love reading Z's fights. And this one was the best yet. Too bad you had to end the chapter before it's end. Cliffhangers are so mean! GR!

I might've said this before, but the way Z's power works is the thing that makes these fights so exciting and interesting to read. Keep it up! Can't wait for the next chapter
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