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for Dreams of Uncertainty, Surrealism of Reality

12/17/2007 c23 astranagant
loved Narcissu's fight scene...simply beautiful
12/17/2007 c23 7KuroKage1717
One thing I love about this story, is the many creative ways you have Z use his ability. And not only that, but you take the time to explain the logic behind it. That's the one thing that makes this story so great, because if you just had him make a rock shower without telling how he had it work, then it just wouldn't be as interesting and fascinating. Great job!
12/6/2007 c20 fusionbeam
interesting plot weave well writen
11/19/2007 c19 fusionbeam
didn't see first part coming second part nice job on
11/18/2007 c19 astranagant
my heart almost stopped beating when you revealed what surmire put in your hand
11/16/2007 c19 KuroKage1717
aww...i knew it was coming.
10/29/2007 c18 astranagant
wow, what an addictive story. I spent the entire afternoon and night reading up to the newest chapter. Very intriguing, can't wait to see what happens next! update soon!
10/29/2007 c18 fusionbeam
better very catchy your improving
10/29/2007 c18 KuroKage1717
wow, another great chapter. i keep getting the feeling that sumire knows that Z is the criminal...
10/22/2007 c17 KuroKage1717
wow, it's been ages! i had to reread almost the whole story just to remember what was going on. ^^

great story! and very interesting, that it is!
10/22/2007 c17 fusionbeam
both 16 and chapter 17 are awesome the extra time spent was worth it no worries man i'll still read
9/20/2007 c15 fusionbeam
i like the way you think the plots so hard to entangle that im blissfully unaware whats next :)
9/17/2007 c14 fusionbeam
definitely out of the box writing very good plot and awesome update schedule you get a 10 of 10
9/14/2007 c13 fusionbeam
nicely done can't say anything bad about it twist and turns out of nowhere and I usally figure the plots out in the first few chapters keep it up
9/10/2007 c11 fusionbeam
i love when people update good stories
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