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for Me ≠ School

4/9/2008 c1 misery sister
Haha! This was so funny! Oh, procrastination...
7/31/2007 c1 Kakyou Takashiro
haha. aww. poem about school.

well, i guess its all over now right? life's great now.

now time for job. college... more... school. ^^

isn't real life just wonderful?
7/29/2007 c1 Orrionna
yah there's always tomorrow.

But as Mr. Crabbs said (from Spongebob Squarpants)

"What is today, but yesterday's tomorrow?"

Good poem.
7/28/2007 c1 5IxDontxLikexYourxGirlfriend
lol that is so cool. it reminded me of myself alot.
7/28/2007 c1 6concerto49
How did you get the not equals symbol? That was cool and thoughtful.

Yes, it was rather interesting - though it sounded a bit more angst than humor.

School isn't that bad I hope?

Anyhow. Cheers.
7/28/2007 c1 1Bob Gaylord Cooper III
nicely done. school sucks i agree.

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