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8/26/2007 c7 17Aislingeach
OMIGOSH, THAT WAS SO CUTE! I loved this chapter! I wonder what will happen when everybody else finds out...
8/24/2007 c6 1livinglouder
I do believe Fox has become my favorite character of your story. I guess I like how his personality clashes with the idea of his level of skill. Did that make sense? =/ Anyway, the only thing I have to nit pick at this is the whole 'goodbye' section. The entire thing in fact. I couldn't get into it at all. I didn't feel any sympathy for the characters at all and I'm guessing its just from either the way you worded it or I didn't have enough item to fall in love with the characters or the idea of a relationship between them. To be perfectly blunt, I really didn't like it, even if you have your reasons for everything you wrote down. Keep working at it *thumbs up*
8/9/2007 c6 Crystal
I'm surprised that the King would give in so easily, guess he has no backbone. But if they had his duaghter for two weeks, it's a bit more understandable.

The story is great, but something doesn't sit right with me considering Ash and Mikomi's love affair. It's just so rushed, and seems really forced. I don't think it's was a particualry good choice to have it occur in so few chapters.

I wonder what will happen next? I kind of thought that the kidnapping would be the bulk of the story. Can't wait for another update.
8/8/2007 c2 Crystal
I really like the fight sequences, you write them really well. I want Emerald to take the bandits down!

Seems like Fox and Emerald have a history, should be interesting to see if it's true.
8/8/2007 c1 Crystal
This story seems very good. I rarely see a good story on so I'm looking forward to reading more.

Emerald reminds me of Celes from Final Fantasy VI. If you don't know about her, she's an eighteen year old general who was tough, strong and independant. Emerald is just like Celes. That's a good thing.

Onto the next chapter, can't wait to read more.
8/7/2007 c6 1Laimelde
I'm thoroughly enjoying this story! Can't wait for the next update :) Keep up the good work!
8/7/2007 c6 17Aislingeach
Great chapters! Please update soon!
8/7/2007 c1 11fantasywriter22
Usually I don't ever read a chapter as long as yours because they usually arn't that good, but this story ss far has been great!

I got a little weirded out by the, "Age is simply a number," because it reminded me of the song, "Age is nothing but a number," and I found it weird that this story would be coupled with something so modern. I know that might not have been your intention, but that's what it came across as.

I noticed only one mistake:

"woo me are just turning me off all men in general.” After off the word "to" needs to be added.

That's the only thing. And that's really nothing!

Again, I loved the story and I will continue to read. :)
8/7/2007 c5 1livinglouder
Oh, fancy! =D I actually find myself liking Damon as the story progresses. Despite his seemingly rational thoughts, he appears to have a very real personality. Good job on that. I don't how like too much how Mikomi acts =/ I understand that reading through this that she is a kind, gentle princess who at times is rather outgoing and not afraid to speak her words. That's wonderful. Beautiful qualities to have in a princess. But the thing I don't like is how her fire seems to have disappeared from the beginning of the tale. I do hope we get to see a more passionate Mikomi very soon =)
8/6/2007 c2 Ras Algethi
Very nice, interesting and very well written. I look forward to future updates.
8/6/2007 c3 17Aislingeach
Hey, good story so far! I really like it! Please update soon!
8/5/2007 c3 1livinglouder
Ashton keeps earning my respect more and more as you continue on =3 Okay, well this chapter was nicely done and I don't really have much to nit-pick on =/ Actually .. I can't think of anything at the moment which makes me angry XD

Good job, keep up the good work *thumbs up*
8/5/2007 c2 livinglouder
Quite well written so far. Though a little fast paced for my tastes, you seemed to have used your time well. I also like how you did a little bit of character building in both chapters but still left room for more to come about. That's brilliant truly: not many writers can actually do that properly. You should give yourself a good pat on the back, Tin. You did a splendid job =)

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