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12/24/2007 c1 Your dearly beloved
Agh. That made me sad. Like, really. D:

Now. I'm going to go find that poem. ^^
8/7/2007 c1 56felicia13
And I'm glad, too. I think I'm glad of the dedication, too. I think. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Sounds bad when applied to me and you.

It's a lovely haiku. You're starting to remind me of my one friend who writes lovesick poetry about her x-gf and... well, it all sort of goes along the lines of this haiku. Not sure if that's good, either.

Nice poem. I'm glad you're back.


8/7/2007 c1 18theatrical rhapsodies
But as your heart breaks, You become fonder of the person that isn't there. And when the person comes back, Your broken heart is lifted. and you love them more than ever. Unless the person never comes back, (which may have been what you were going for in the first place) then, naturally you are left with a broken heart.

Anyway, I really did rather like the poem (or haiku). It gets you thinking, in so few words, as you can see (above). So job well done.

-theatrical rhapsodies

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