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10/23/2003 c1 4phillie
Great Poem! I loved the tone of your poem. It flowed very smoothly. You are an awesome poet. Maybe you should go into the field of writing application, and I am seriously serious about that. Great Job! If you have time, please review my poetry and/or stories.

4/2/2001 c1 Devy
4/2/2001 c1 Meagan
Wow. Nina, you have a gift.
3/31/2001 c1 7Churinga
Strangely enough, the song I'm listening to right now fits with this poem. It's very very good. I like it because.. I dunno. It flows perfectly from beginning to end and the imagery is evocative. *sniffles* Sad. Good job, Nina dear.
3/30/2001 c1 Amethyst gaaaaaaah need 2 sign in
eeeeeeeep! reeeeeeeally good! *shivers* ok, im listening 2 phantom of the opera rite now... so THAT doesnt help my mood any either... :P

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