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11/4/2008 c1 5TwistedDreams8108
You're in MY head and don't even know. lol

tugging on my heartstrings here.
9/30/2008 c1 5Chasing TeddyBears
I love the line "I want to write stories with happy endings, but my head objects that this is the end" because that's so true. Except for the two stories posted so far, I've been terrible at writing endings, whether happy or sad, just because I don't ever want it to end. I think the same goes for relationships - good or bad, you don't want to be alone. That's what I got from this poem. That's why I really like it. Great work! Have a fantastic night!


8/27/2008 c1 55OneSilverWing
I liked this alot, especially the last few lines. I'm sure everyone has felt that way at one point or another.
8/13/2008 c1 16Auribus Teneo Lupum
"But my misguided heart is beating itself/to pieces"

Gorgeous. I loved the whole poem, but those lines were my favorite :)
1/28/2008 c1 crumpled.STIXERZ.paper
[at school; can't log in]

I really liked this, mainly because I know that I've [in some strange way] felt somewhat the same about some guy that I know. Nice emotion, nice word choice.

And now, time to go back to Keyboarding 9. (joy.)

1/20/2008 c1 17daughterofmusic
This is an amazing poem... I love your imagery and your emotion. Favorite lines: "this is the end / but where is the 'happy'?" It's too true.

Keep writing!

~Daughter of Music

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