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for Lady Fate

8/15/2007 c1 Benjamin - To Be Deleted
"rain falls from the heavens above

creating rivulets of blood"

This alone confuses me... Rain is water! :'p

Anyways, this sounds like it could be the description for a game of mine for PS3... Heaven's Blade? Heavenly Blade? Either way it's an awesome game.

And this is an awesome poem. Although how you can envision this and then describe it, but can't stomach Dead Rising, is beyond me.

And fyi, it sounds like you have a seriously bad blood fetish. Caressing your skin? That's kinda creepy...
8/14/2007 c1 1Sparrow's Song
Very descriptive, I think you have a talent...good job, and keep writing! XD
8/10/2007 c1 4Imalefty
this is really haunting... lady fate seems to be a scary person. the images you've created are quite beautiful, though quite... disturbing, i guess. (i can't really describe it...) i like the idea of fate linking life and death.

i can see why this would be one of your favs. great job!


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