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12/16/2008 c8 2AlijaS117
I really like your story hope you plan on updating soon!
12/29/2007 c8 2sicklysnowwhite
it was a dragon? a DRAGON was watching her? a DRAGON loves her? rivers help me.

haha, but this is GOOD. she's desperately afraid of the thing that loves her. she's finally humanish, in her fear, right?

and the forbidden word, is that "dragon" or "noelle"?

(rhetorical question)

alright wait... let me figure this out... the song.


the song is about the dragons...?

okaay. i'll have to go read it again. this is verry interesting. i love it. lovelovelovelove it.
12/29/2007 c7 sicklysnowwhite
o, noelle has a stalker. or an admirer or something. same difference. soo short! depressing... but you've already updated the next, so i'll live. and are we now exploring noelles species? fun.
12/28/2007 c8 The Intelligent Designer
Ha, I fugured it out half-way throught the chapter! I feel proud!

Love the mother...nice execution with that.
12/27/2007 c8 Unsociably Acceptable
i don't get it! ah! ok, so i'mma try and figure it out...or you could help?
12/18/2007 c2 15dbz 77
I must write, these two chapters are very well-written.
12/17/2007 c4 10thinkTwice Nfall
I'm not done reading yet, but it seems lovely so far. You have great descriptions, and the characters are - not exactly completely unique per say (no offense) - but... different in the way you portray them. :) The idea of the rivers being named after the princesses and representing their personalities was also really cool.

PS: When you wrote "courier" did you mean "courtier?"
12/7/2007 c6 2sicklysnowwhite
O, I'm excited! who will it be... who will it be...? The prince? Christopher? Noelles mother? ooh, exciting exciting! i love the martens, fire breathers, wonderful. and flying pigs! ha! hurry up and post the next!
12/6/2007 c5 6iglooey
Wow very interesting story. very unique and well thought out. i love your characters because they are so un-stereotypical and original. great plot too.
12/6/2007 c6 The Intelligent Designer
O...cool, nice job, and oim excited for you! love the way u wrote oliver's speech, love the name...where's Andy?
12/6/2007 c6 Unsociably Acceptable
why wouldn't i enjoy it? its an awesome story and besides, noelle is awesome! she's so cool!

i'm a little side swept with all of that, i'm swallowing so its all go!
11/24/2007 c5 Unsociably Acceptable
o the prince is in trouble! hehehehe i like it!
11/21/2007 c5 2sicklysnowwhite
does she have control over the forest as well? cool...

im excited for a chapter in another POV hope it comes son!
11/19/2007 c5 4January Skies
Nice story! Can't wait for you to continue.

Noelles quite an interesting character, I like her already!
11/7/2007 c5 1Fleeting Moment
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