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4/21/2009 c7 7gulistala
Let me guess, Stacey's either 1) pregnant 2) going to get married or 3) both?
3/21/2009 c26 3DarkGoddess3
Another awesome story. Can't wait to read the next one.
1/28/2009 c7 J. C. Hunter
you called cole nick here. the part where he had a flashback of nick coming to get him.
1/20/2009 c25 cosmopolitan
personally i don't think that there is anything particularly wrong with your portrayal of Cole, so much as you don't give him time to work for penance, i think if you added in a few chapters where ally DIDN'T immediately forgive him it'd make a world of difference and you could forgo any re-write as that struggle to get her back can do wonders in unearthing all of those feelings he usually may hold back
10/23/2008 c26 179NearlyPrescient
great story.

back to high school was refreshing.
10/17/2008 c1 OdairBear
I know I totally blabbed in the other review but I felt like I didn't say enough! (I can never find the right words for your stories; amazing is an understatement!

I think I started warming up to Ally when she was crying about Jake. It PISSED ME OFF when the boys talked about Jake that way! He was so sweet to Iz and I love him so much I started crying! ;_;

Your stories blow me away! Keep up the good work!
10/17/2008 c26 OdairBear
Aw! I loved the ending! Like I said you always know how to end it! You are amazing! And so are your stories.

At first for whatever reason I didn't like Ally. She bothered me and I felt so bad since I just loved her mom and dad but now I love her too! (Not as much as Jake and Iz though! They are still the best couple and probably my two favorite people!) I loved Cole too he was really cool! Stephanie was cool! Everyone was really cool!

But my personal fave is Jamie! I don't know why I love him as much as I do. I thought he was very cute. Haha!

I'm off to read the sequel!

I'm sure it will be amazing as always!
10/10/2008 c26 In Love With Your Love
Yay! She made the team! It was funny how she looked behind her to make sure the other girls weren't around.

Wow. That was quite a speech there at the end by Miss Ally.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER! I don't wanna cry but I just might. :D

This story was so amazing. I can't wait to read the next one.
10/10/2008 c25 In Love With Your Love
RJ is funny... when he's not being a meanie. :P But seriously, he's funny. Stranger the better, huh?

Oh, wow. Funniest line: “It has to be your way...I don’t have a way.” LOL.

ahaaha. The naughty naughty. :P

Well, I don't hate Cole. I just got really, really mad at him sometimes. Gr. Like when he didn't stand up for Ally. Or, okay, maybe he didn't have to defend her but she was his "girlfriend" when the... stuff... hit the fan. He could have talked to her and gotten her side of things. But, like I said: I don't hate him. :)
10/10/2008 c24 In Love With Your Love
*sigh* I'm so glad to drama is over. It is over, right?

I don't think I could take anymore crying.

“Hey, look at the time. James, don’t we have a thing…” ha! LOL. Yeah, that thing at that place! :P

I loved all the little questions she had about the hotel room. Cuteness. && ha. His virtue. O_o
10/10/2008 c23 In Love With Your Love
oh, God. The second half of this chapter made me cry so hard. I'm not joking.

Aaw. Adam. “Let’s talk, Mom,” he said. That was so cute.

Like I said, this chapter made me cry so bad. I think I started crying right around when Ally started talking to her parents. BUT I started bawling when Greta said, "...it seems to have my brother pretty torn up about it also." It's just... 'cause I remembered sweet Jakey from Phone Calls and especially from Back to the Top. He didn't deserve those boys talking about him like that. Just thinking about it now is making me cry.

Okay, *sigh* I still don't like Stephanie. Hmph. I don't care if she didn't mean it. :P

(& I loved this chapter, even though it made me cry. I just love it)
10/10/2008 c22 In Love With Your Love
Okay, I just have to tell you. After the second part in this chapter... I put my head down on the desk and cried a little. Like real, actual tears. It's just... this line... “Why? Do you guys want to break her heart again? Haven’t seen her cry enough yet? Want to totally destroy her?”...and pretty much every line after that really got me.

Why'd she quit the team? :(

This line, Ally looked at RJ. “Maybe I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and abandon my team. You know, disloyalty and all that.” made me smile even though I was totally bummed out.

OMG. It made me so effin mad when Cole said "I thought we were through half assing everything." HELLO. Were you not there when all of this went down?

OH MY GOD! NO SHE DIDN'T! How can she go to Ally and ASK her to hear the guys out? They already said what they had to say. RJ trashed her dad, why should she listen to more of it? It's pretty obvious how most of them feel about this. & if they've cooled down and feel bad about everything they should come to her, not the other way around.

& how can she tell her to not get defensive. THAT'S HER DAD RJ WAS TALKING $#!@ ABOUT! Just b/c Stephanie doesn't care what people say about her dad doesn't mean Ally doesn't care what they say about Jake.

ohmygod, this totally pissed me off. I wish Ally had done some more damage.

God Bless Jenna! Isn't she glad her dad's not in the band?

I cried again at the end of the chapter. THIS IS SOO SAD.

(I'm not mad at you though, you're obviously a great writer. :P)
10/9/2008 c21 In Love With Your Love

Geez, RJ. Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel?


-one hour later-

Okay. *sigh* I can't believe this is happening!

Okay, so yeah maybe it was Jake's idea. So what? I mean... it was going to be somebody's idea sooner or later... they weren't going to play together forever. & even if they played until they were 100 years old, one of them would eventually have to say, "hey, guys I think we should retire... what do you think?" If it had been Matt's idea... would they have turned their backs on Jamie? Or Nick. Would Cole be odd man out?

AND it's not like they helped Jake get clean so the band could stay together forever. They helped him because he's their friend, dammit! *cries*

I don't even know if any of that made sense but I'm so mad right now!
10/9/2008 c20 In Love With Your Love
"RJ was claustrophobic for a while.” LMAO. Too funny. Poor Ronnie -I mean, RJ. :)

That totally reminded me of what the Linkin Park guys did to Mike. I think they said that Mike really, really had to use the restroom, and since #2 is a no no on tour buses they stopped when they saw a port-a-potty. While Mike was in the p-a-p the rest of the guys started rocking the thing back and forth. lol. I can't remember if they said it tipped over or not. :P Funny either way.

That was a really sweet conversation between Ally and Jenna. Hey, there are some cousins that I don't even talk to.
10/9/2008 c19 In Love With Your Love
LOL. I'm starting to get jealous too. :(

When Stephanie started talking about "what's the big deal" I actually found myself saying, "Ugh. Shut your face!" LOL. & when Cole said, "...I’ll come, too” I was like, Hmph. I don't want you to come. There might of been some crossing of arms and some pouting. :P

Oh. & get this. "The four of them pulled up..." I was like *gag* SHE came with them? ahahah.
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