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4/15/2017 c1 Acie
I read the book and, oh my hood, I'm so creped out, it might have something to do with the fact I'm reading this at 1am but still. Great story and writing style though.
Thanks to you I will be paranoid
I'll go read more of your stories
3/31/2014 c5 kitty
I love it
12/30/2013 c5 2bridgettblah
Is this available in hard copies yet?
4/22/2013 c5 1Acts.of.Whimsy
:DDD PLEASE update as soon as the hard copy of Horrorscape is out. I've been waiting years for this! So glad to hear your endeavors are successful. I've been away from FanFiction for way too long. Hope to see more soon! 3
3/16/2013 c5 Bridgett
Ahhhh it sucks because I dont have a kindle or anything so I cant buy it yet :x But this si really awesome and I'm super happy for you ahhhh
3/15/2013 c5 twinklegal19
just bought it! :)
12/4/2012 c3 Lillypad432
Where is the rest of the story?
11/20/2012 c3 teagarden
I'm so glad that you posted this here! (and that I was still subscribed to following this story). I've just got my copy of Cloak and Dagger and am super excited to read it.
11/7/2012 c3 StakeMeSpike04
Congrats, dear! I'm so excited for you! I'll definitely check it out!

BTW, What's to come with Horrorscape? I know you have most of it published elsewhere...are you working on getting that published, too? I hope so!

Best of luck!
10/29/2012 c2 RubyRed22
Holy crap, this is amazing. You are a phenomenal writer; no wonder you got published!
10/24/2012 c3 RisaIsis
Oh, and that last anon review was from risaisis - I haven't been on FF in a while, but I remember loving your work. :)
10/24/2012 c3 Guest
CONGRATULATIONS! :):) 3 That's amazing. You're amazing! Can't wait to read your published book(s) :D
10/24/2012 c3 AnonandAnon
So...guess we can't read horrorscape online anymore, huh. Anywhere I can read it? I never got to the ending back when I started and now I'm crazy curious.
11/13/2011 c2 IWriteWhatIFeel27
I find this story-the plot,very intriguing.Although,it's sad that you removed this story? Are you really or are you just rewriting it? I hope for the latter.It's very creepy in a good way and I do love creepiness. Please continue it if you can and you should.
7/23/2011 c2 2bridgettblah
Plllleasee tell me you didnt actually discontinue this...Wow. Its awesome! Im alerting, juust in case.
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