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7/18/2006 c1 42Catherine Julia Jefferson
Curious, but how many of your stories end that way?
10/19/2002 c1 8Daletchica Slash
Oh WOW...I was literally holding my breath during that entire last section! This is definitely going on my favourites! Very good story...extremely vivid details, too. I could almost hear the footsteps behind me! To be honest, I kept turning and looking behind me to make sure there was nothing there. Of course, there was nothing there in the story, too... *twitches* I'm all nervous now! Excellent story, gave me the creeps something good. Amazing job.
2/12/2002 c1 Villain
Zoikers! You had me biting my fingernails on the edge of my seat! *glances at nails* Damn, the polish hadn't dried yet. Now I'm gonna have black teeth.

Wait a second... Cool!

Anyhoo, this is really really good, and I'm the first reviewer to boot! *does first review dance with nearby muse* I'm so proud! But I can't believe you don't have reviews piling in! *gasp* This story is sooooo great, I'm going to put it on my favorites list right after I finish writing this rambling review!

Your word choice is astounding by the way. And so detailed, I found myself holding my breath! *looks around, embarrassed* So- people hold their breath while reading stories all the time!

Right? Hmmm...

Okay, I won't plague you any longer, but I will read other works of yours. And put this story on my favs list.

Adieu mon ami until we meet again.

P.S: Damn this is a long review! :^D

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