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for frozen milky ways

6/26/2010 c1 Mxya
duude that was so cute!

~Neva been kissed either
2/23/2008 c1 1Jevanminx
Hehehehehe you've got lots of reviews from me now. I love Never Been Kissed to and I remember that quote and its made me wanna watch. I liked this story it was a good plotline. Short but had enough in there that it was nice and interesting.

12/27/2007 c1 xxily4everxx
rofl funny story
12/17/2007 c1 7Cittywolf
I love this one too. I also think that putting quotes into your stories gives them an awesome feeling.

Well done.

11/22/2007 c1 154fictitious facades
Thats sweet. I love Milky Ways. :]
8/21/2007 c1 1Fleeting Moment
OMG! That was the sweetest...I wish so badly that a guy would come to school and want to see me...Your an awsome writer
8/20/2007 c1 3Westley
Short. Sweet. And I love it! aw...nice written.
8/20/2007 c1 OoohLookACat

that's so cute!

loved it!

8/20/2007 c1 TwinkleHeart
aww so kute

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