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for Winter, 1919

11/18/2014 c6 1eenitsedStarzz
I actually really enjoyed the pacing with their relationship. It was nice to have them develop feelings for one another realistically without going out of character. I was heartbroken when James and Mrs Ford died. Wish this could have been a little longer simply because the plot seemed a little rushed in the last chapter.
7/20/2012 c6 8Jo Suzuki
This is such a cute story! I love it! :)
5/26/2011 c6 25Bertie the Redwood
Super cute. I didn't find it overly mushy, which is good, but it was very sweet. Though, I was very sad when Mrs. Ford died. Over all, good job. =D
5/7/2011 c6 2cupcakelover1553
loved this sweet story!.i love ww1 history so this ticked the right boxs.x
6/18/2010 c6 this wild abyss
This story on the whole was very pretty, but not beautiful. The pacing was too rushed, and I didn't get a nice feel for the characters, not really. But the plot was good, and I liked the thought behind it. The storyline was really good, and I can honestly say that I've never read anything like it before. Very nicely done!

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6/18/2010 c5 this wild abyss
And you pick up the chapter right where you left off, midsentence. I do not like that at all. Like I said, it's annoying and I would have preferred a cliff hanger that was more than an interrupted sentence. On the other hand, the comfort John shows Catherine in the aftermath of Mrs. Ford's death. It was cute and very realistic. Great chapter!
6/18/2010 c4 this wild abyss
Ahh! Finally we start talking about Catherine's past. That was a really nice change from the all doing and no talking; it brings the characters to life. Now, normally I'm really fond of cliff-hangers, but that was not a good spot for one. It doesn't add to the anxiety factor. In fact, it annoys me. But the chapter was nicely done on the whole.
6/18/2010 c3 this wild abyss
I still like Mr. Garth. He's really nice and sympathetic and makes Catherine's life bearable. I didn't like the teasing at the end. From what I know about Catherine and John, it seemed vastly out of character. But we don't really get to know them very well, do we? You really should add more information about them.
6/18/2010 c2 this wild abyss
The wedding situation was very amusing, I thought. Mr. Garth is one of my favorite characters. I loved how you were sure to explain that neither John or Catherine really had a part in the wedding; it fit the scene, considering the circumstances the two were getting married. But then I wonder: was all the description for the planning of the marriage necessary to the wedding? No, I think not. So that makes nearly half of this chapter unneeded. Maybe you should add more of the characters and less on what they are doing?

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6/18/2010 c1 this wild abyss
This is a very interesting idea for a story. I get the feeling that it may not be original, but I've never read anything like it, so it's new to me. (: I liked the character's emotions, they were really strong and easy to relate to. Very nice. I did think that the pace of the story was a little too fast. We never really got a chance to get to know any of the characters before new people were being introduced. Just a thought.

P.S. Check out the Review Marathon. The link is in my profile.
11/30/2009 c6 E. M. Isle
just read this story and your profile and since you wrote that you review every story you read, i will do the same thing from now on, nice thing to do :) review revolution :) oke, so first of all i think your story is really sweet, a little too short for my liking, but sweet. i think you have potential to write great things, but maybe you should plan a little before writing. i like your idea behind the story, but i think you could develop it more. so, i hope you're happy about my review, and don't think i'm mean, i just thought i'm going to be honest, and i've got to say i'm envious that you're able to finish your stories, that's my biggest problem, so, good luck with your writings
6/20/2008 c6 13Menginpeh
I'm so glad love finally grew between them. :)
12/18/2007 c6 2mez1
Absolutely fantastic, i loved it, i admit it would have been better if it was longer but it was reaaly good. well done
9/27/2007 c6 11FlyingShadow09
I think that this is an extremely wonderful tale that you tell.
9/22/2007 c1 A Catholic Girl
Hey Friend of the ABC, if you want to write about the Tudors, there's this amazing series by Carolyn Meyer in which she writes about Catherine of Aragon, Queen Elizabeth the First, Queen Mary, etc, and turns their stories into a fiction story with true facts. She also wrote an amazing fiction book about Anne Hathaway, Will Shakespeare's wife! So, check it out, on Amazon or something.

This story's really good! I've been an member of fiction press for a while but hardly went on it - I basically live on Fan
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