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10/8/2007 c5 1TwoBeats
You know, I'm all creative in my ways of telling people to give me reviews and blah blah blah.

And then when it's time for me myself to give a review I have...nothing to say. Maybe I only think I'm rad in my head. The reality is that I kind of suck.

There are cute little lines in this story that make me smile. Like "He tripped over a crack in the sidewalk, and was suddenly back from his daydream." I can picture that happening in my head, and then I smirked. Because I am a mean girl. Wouldn't want it to happen to me though.

Write more.

Update more.

Have a day of your own choice.
10/6/2007 c5 ilovegreenpuppies
this is really cute. i like.
10/6/2007 c5 8Dreamless-Wonder
Thanks for updating! Please do so again soon!
10/5/2007 c5 SummerBaby94
aw. i love it. fluffy and adorable... i can't wait till they're together!
10/5/2007 c5 1Frenchyesca
Ugh School. Psshh I can't wait 'till college we'll make martinis and take jello shots. You know the usual.
10/2/2007 c4 30queen-of-the-sand-castle
Aw...so sweet. If you update this, I'll update Less is More.

9/18/2007 c4 SummerBaby94
aw ben's such a sweetheart! so ben likes kara and she likes him and they're solemates or something?
9/17/2007 c4 1Frenchyesca
Aww. Keep goin'
9/16/2007 c4 random0name
This is slightly under dramatic for the internet, but just what it needs. Great story.
8/24/2007 c3 SummerBaby94
ugh what a jerk. the chapters are really really short. try to get them longer?
8/24/2007 c3 Frenchyesca
Depressing, but good as always.
8/22/2007 c2 Frenchyesca
Okay so I did decide to read some of it today.

Anyway, me likey! Continue I'm intrigued :). Hahah, the rap part made me laugh.
8/21/2007 c2 8Dreamless-Wonder
Yay, you updated really quickly! Jake is a jerk! Please update again soon. This seems like a very promising story!
8/21/2007 c1 Dreamless-Wonder
This is really, really, really short. Are the other chapters going to be longer? If they are, or if they aren't, I'll still read this story. It sounds interedting just from reading the summary and this short chapter, so update as soon as you can! I can't wait to read the rest of this story! ~Kelly~ *adds to story alerts*

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