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for Breakneck

8/22/2007 c1 173Exodus.Escence Of Sin
very good story overall.

i love the idea . nice work , keep it up!

8/22/2007 c1 2thesupremedarkone
I wish you would have continued, but I understand why you didn't.

Either way I liked it as it keeps the reader imagining what would happen next.
8/22/2007 c1 The Little Box of Ideas
Yes, that was a good ending. Cruel, but good. Besides, if you were to continue the story could stay on its… breakneck speed. Nice title by the way. Very fitting. You write suspense very well. I must say, I do wonder what the back story to his chasing her is. And the fact that a phone was worth a million dollars is a bit outrageous. Worried about money XD.

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