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for Emotions, descriptionless

6/21/2008 c1 lymli
you're right sometimes emotions can't be explained.
9/28/2007 c1 arcane devices
sweet jesus, an update from YOU? i am typing with much surprise and gusto. always is a delight to see you update, and always an entertaining read when you do. this poem is just brilliant - in terms of diction, style and the format. i wait with much patience for another update. (not really but i'd like it if you did more often).

- a.d.
8/26/2007 c1 35Autumn Reflections
^^ I know what you mean.

Its very hard.

8/25/2007 c1 42Green Yoshi
It's hard to find the right words, isn't it? You're right, they probably don't exist. No, they can't. Words will never be able to express these feelings. Love is something we'll never quite be able to describe. But we can try. My eyes, my lips, my heart will tell you what my voice cannot.


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