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11/4/2007 c1 332smile for the sunshine
The devil was an angel. Fallen. So are demons. Fallen angels sound pretty but they are really the things tempting you to evil deeds.

Are they described as perfect, or do you imagine them to be that way? It was *never* written that they are perfect, but artists, and authors make them seem to be that way.

They are not.
10/6/2007 c1 2Jokerdog2012
Are Angels Human?


Were they ever human?


The bible says no Human is perfect (except for Mary and Jesus - The only two)
10/1/2007 c1 20Twilight Starr
Thoughtful poem.

I've always wondered that myself.

~Twilight Starr~
9/23/2007 c1 Needa S
No one is perfect. If they were we would not need God. He is without sin, so that makes Him perfect.
9/20/2007 c1 1soojinyeh
The Bible was written by human beings, who, even if they claim to be inspired by god, are imperfect themselves. They made a mistake in what word to use.
9/2/2007 c1 13Untitled and Unfinished
the angles are not perfect. for example, satan was an angel at one point but he got more or less power hungry and becam the devil...so therefore angles are not perfect. i hope that helps clear it up a little bit
8/26/2007 c1 3artimaeus
Of course, one might wonder why an omnipotent being need servants...
8/26/2007 c1 19NightOfAThousandNightmares
When the bible states that no one is perfect, its true, no one with a CHOICE is perfect.

Angels are made only to serve the Lord. Yes, they are perfect, but they have no real freedoms. They cannot get saved, just look at Lucifer and his demons.

We are not perfect. Only God is. Angels are just his servants in heaven.

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