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for Snow White

8/27/2007 c1 56from beneath the bell jar
Is it just me, or is that last line mocking? If it is, I think that's really clever. If not - I think I missed the point. I love poems like this - twisted fairy tales. Awesome piece - abstract and ironic. I esp. enjoyed the ending lines - they really brought the poem together: "She wants to stand as close to edge as she can

Without going over.

She’ll be willing, only then,

To turn her back, if she doesn’t look down.

Because below the edge is an orchard

Of beautiful, venomous, siren-like apples."

And then of course the ending ending which I already mentioned.

Great piece.

You should check out my piece, "Happily Never After" although it's not quite as ironically clever as this. And while I'm at it, maybe check out my new piece "Endless"?

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