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for Full Moon

7/12/2003 c1 32aulliana
::sobbing:: It's... so... beautiful... ::grabs tissue:: I like it. ; ) This is definitely going on my favorites. ~_^
6/25/2003 c1 1Silent Bleeding
another great poem, where are you getting these if not they your own? it's really good. I must go, ciao for now
10/23/2002 c1 Anni
Happy. I now smile :)
5/31/2001 c1 4Star Darling
cool poem...i figured i'd read some of yur stuff (it's sarah..as if u didn't know)
3/31/2001 c1 5Firewings
Very good imagery! One of those poems that doesn't rhyme, but doesn't need to. Remind's me of a poem by Amy Lowell, "Night Clouds."
3/30/2001 c1 Cyn
DUDE! You are like so freakishly smart in the brain area of your head. i am like in total aww. This was lkke radical, man. I was stoned when I read this so that might effect my reading thingy...um...experience! Yeah.

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