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6/25/2003 c1 1Silent Bleeding
this isn't yours? its pretty good, where'd you get it? thanx for the reviews, I know that not everyone is evil, but most of the people I've tryed to trust has been so it's hard for me to really open up to people I'm close to, I find that strangers are the people to confined in. It's really funny isn't it? well, I'm off to read more of your stuff so ciao for now
5/14/2003 c1 5writergirl88
Good, just the kind of poem thats just up my alley...
10/1/2001 c1 Anni
awesome. as mrs schmidt would say nice imagery. Full Moon was also very cool. i couln't review it b/c someone else reviewed from here. i just wanted to say.
6/15/2001 c1 Jenny Breitigan
I love the imagery. Keep it up.
5/31/2001 c1 4Star Darling
i like unicorns too. if there is like deep symbolic meaning then i don't get it tho. probably cuz my brain is fried from studying for exams..oh well...good poem
3/31/2001 c1 5Firewings
I love unicorns! This is a very good poem. One of my favorite lines is "As it strikes the horn, light fragments off, glancing in every direction.

As if light had hit a jewel with innumerable facets." Super imagery!

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