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7/27/2019 c7 Guest
Well, I don't really understand a few things. I think history might just repeat itself
7/27/2019 c3 Guest
Nice. I hope the story gets better
7/27/2019 c1 Guest
I am beginning to really like this Nicole
3/3/2018 c19 Guest
I realize this story is very old and you'll probably never see my review, but I absolutely loved it to bits and pieces. You're so right, we love to read stories about the "Katies" of the world-the ones that get pregnant, that are (by moral or societal views) 'entitled to get the guy', or that have so much main character halo around them. It's really refreshing to see a story that pushes the norms and you know what else? Kudos to you for actually making them poor and/or realistic and not the poor little rich kids that are a dime a dozen.

It's so funny, because recently I really wanted to consume something where
1). The main character doesn't have that annoying entitled main character halo with built in life cheats
OR 2). A story where you really want the female to succeed or strive about the toxic things in her life
And your story manages to hit both-I found it at the perfect time!

Please continue to write more stories like this, with strong characters and atypical perspectives
6/4/2017 c1 2bubublacz
To start if off, I always believe that there's timing for everything and it was the perfect time for me to read your story. :D

Ughh you made me scream in frustration over what Nikki was doing and spouting blasphemies of Derek! I loved the ending by the way :D It just felt right! I have hopelessly fallen in love with your characters that I feel so bad for not doing you justice in doling out those rad critique on them :( Ugghhh! I just simply can't get enough!

Thank you for making this story :D I enjoyed every last bit of it!
10/4/2016 c16 guest
Wtf? I don't know what lalaland you are living in but filming someone without consent is a crime specially under intoxicated condition. Same rule applies to having sex also. You can't have sex with someone when they are not in the condition to give consent like intoxication. Derek is a criminal and sociopath and this girl Nikki seems to be suffering from bipolar disease. Obviously incapable of making a genuine connection with someone stable. That is why she is alone in the end just not dead. I got a nausea and headache reading this fucked up immature teenage drama.
7/1/2016 c1 riahbear0623
5/16/2016 c16 mgaa
wow..it's heartbreaking...you're good...my heart is still squeezing..uncomfortably...I was really cheering them on..really really did..i wanted them to work so badly..that I was reading your story while working.(which is not good)..
I never really understood why people would call marrying coz the girl's pregnant 'responsible' or 'the right thing'..and even more confusing is when many try to do the right thing when everything is sooo wrong and instead of making it work, it just makes everything fucked up...I'm a Filipina...and here in the philippines.. we are big on that notion..but I could never agree coz it's unacceptable for me...
marriage should be about two people who wants to be together because they want to...if they happen to love one another that's even better..it should not be based on one's mistake..and then few years down the road they decide it's not working so they split...I know some people actually made it work...what's more frustrating is knowing that bitch using the unborn child to manipulate lives..that's just SICK...
I'm ranting I know...but it's a good rant...ang you're really good..so I'm expecting a sequel...coz you left me hanging...strung very high on Nikki's floor...and oh..thank you for sharing
4/27/2016 c19 2RomanceDruggie
I remember reading this when it was first finished and just how I was choked up so easily because of it. Reading it again, I had tears building up from the emotions that come up. You dont have to be in a Nikki position to feel what she felt. Ive always wanted a sequel because although its always a great thing to be able to come up with your own sequel in your head, nothing beats than having the person who brought theae characters to life write one. Not sure if you have rejected it completely (though your last update said you were conisdering it, if not have it planned) but I would personally welcome one. I commend you on your writing truly, and I hope you have more stories in the works like this.

2/26/2016 c17 slcjnk2008
Congratulations on your baby and also on this book. You are an amazing writer and storyteller and for a short while, as a reader we were allowed into Nicole's and Derek's world. And although you said no sequel, I would still love to see one; with them in an adult relationship and how they have grown. (Just a thought)
2/25/2016 c3 slcjnk2008
I have to say it. Derek is not a good guy. He got her so drunk and then basically raped her, what kind of a man is that? However, I find this story fascinating; so on to the next chapter.
2/25/2016 c1 slcjnk2008
This has the beginnings of a great story. I have my Kleenex right next to me.
12/2/2015 c16 Lucykins
Okay, so I finished a roll of toilet paper over this story.

First, I need to remark that I love your writing style. I could hardly concentrate on my homework during these past two days. I especially like your first person writing. I enjoyed being inside Nikki's head, reading her thoughts. Made the story much more intriguing and made me feel closer to her.

I have absolutely no constructive criticism about the story itself. It was deep and beautiful and heartbreaking. I'm very glad for your decision to drop the epilogue and write a sequel, since I'd greedily devour more plot lines with your Nicole. She's a great character. She's so authentic and strong and clever. You really constructed a teenage fictional character that's very easy to relate to.
Looking forward to see where you'd be taking her.

Another character that I need to mention is Alex. An utter surprise. I found myself liking him more and more since he provided both comical relief and emotional support to the main. Making this story a lot easier to process. So I hope you do reward him in the sequel with perhaps a new love (like in the epilogue).

I do have to say that I found this story two days ago so I read it in one shot and haven't been able to provide support during whatever happened with the reviewers regarding the non consent issue.
I don't really know what the others had written and I know you requested not naming the the drunken sex scene as "rape". I'm not sure but I think it can go either way. It was non content, especially his blackmail requests (though she did do it willingly by the first time he managed to get her in bed after that incident). But that's what you wrote, why do you need to protect yourself from it? People make stupid decisions every day, Nicole did one, Derek did a few. Maybe what people were lacking was an admission of guilt regarding that same incident. I don't know. This story is rated M and you mentioned that the theme is dark (that's one of the reasons I started reading it besides the awesome description). So why even give them the time of day?

Anyway I'm probably too late with my support seeing that you first published around 8 years ago, but yeah, good job, I really enjoyed myself. Waiting for book two.
11/13/2015 c16 annayh44
WoW !This story was really dark with such a depressing thing Just With reading first chapter..I didn't want to keep going reading more but I did and I am proud I did it. I really would miss a great story of Nicole. She is amazing and I really really do Hate Derek. I appreciate he love the baby but he was such an asshole GOD! If I can I would hit him so bad, if he had just told Nicole without lying everything it would be much easier to keep their relationship in track but no he have to go with whole lying things and get mad. Sucks loser! I really happy about Alex hehe I don't know if in ending they are still young 27 &28 not big deal. I don't if Derek really deserve to be Nicole but if he won't be asshole, I might would like it. Ahhhh I got aching in my heart damn that's why I avoid reading these kind of stories. But in good way I got inspired by Nicole. She is...I just love her so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
10/28/2015 c3 2madamemercurial
Okay, I'm going to cop to it; the plotline is way too dark for me. It's quite well written, from what I've read, but not my cup of tea, personally. The editing sparkles, it's very clean, and your style is great, so I'm going to see if I'm good with your other stuff.
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