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4/30/2011 c3 6trippy.cat.girl
1- I think this is a really awesome/funny story and that whoever plagiarized it is a DOOFBAG! 2- Now I'm kind of scared to put any of my stories on FP because it seems like a lot of the stories I check out lately are being plagiarized... Do you think I should put stories on here anymore...or what?
10/30/2010 c3 1my princess ending
But...but...but...I thought there would be a happy not confusing ending! =( Although I'm glad there's a sequel waiting for me!
5/11/2010 c3 silver rocker
oh i understand..heheheh..*sighs*..i hate people who steal stories!
5/11/2010 c2 silver rocker
watt! WTF? ..why so short?..no ending?
12/30/2009 c3 4Rio's Desire
No I was so excited to read your story! Is there somewhere else I can I am not a stealer of stories!
11/20/2009 c3 13Aaerie
aw i really wanted to continue reading this
10/6/2009 c1 Lazy Me 0.0
I forgot to tell you Itazura na kiss is It all started with a kiss . I hope you dont hate me because of this...
10/6/2009 c1 Lazy Me 0.0
You know what your story is just like the anime Itazura na Kiss except in the anime it was cause by a mini 'earthquake'

and then the girl is an only child and she's only living with her dad and the boy was her love at first sight anyway if you don't know this anime you can watch it..it's a wonderful romance anime...anyway your story is good too ^-^ Cool and Wonderful Chapter!
9/9/2009 c3 Hidden Flowers
I'm thankful that I got the chance to read your story before it was gone. All my fave stories on Fictionpress are being removed these days!
9/5/2009 c3 Ami
I really enjoyed the beginning of this story :) I'm sorry to hear that someone tried to steal your work. It is horrible that there are such icky, stupid people. I wiah I could finish reading your story but I am also glad you aren't letting plagarizing bozos take advantage of your talent. Best wishes!
7/31/2009 c3 fartsy
i stumbled upon this story and im so sorry to hear that it's been removed as well b/c of plagiarism. i have a LJ account too, will add you right now (if that's okay with you) :]
6/17/2009 c3 2insatiablehunger89
this ahas been happening to many wonderful authors on this site; it really sucks.

i am so creating a live jouranl account.
6/4/2009 c3 Cynically In Love
Uhh, you're like the fourth person to be hit by this palgiarist! This is so messed... though, you're handling this more calmly than others. :)

I've already finished reading this story, but you were one of my favorite authors on this site. Looks like I'm gonna have to follow all the other author's footsteps and make myself a LiveJournal account. It's the only way to keep up with your work...

I send you my well wishes!

~ Love2ReadnWrite
6/4/2009 c3 6LaughsWithTears
NO! I so wanted to figure out how se adn jason got together! stupid Plagiarism...
5/23/2009 c4 1XxCaptainKoalaxX
Awesom story...! I love it..! =D
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