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for Nightmares In Velvet

9/4/2007 c2 3Hannah Rose Williams
So, I'm gonna bet this dude is totally screwed up. But still. If my first hint that he was different was only that he had some awesome little creatures, I'd totally stay with that guy. I mean, come on! That's awesome, people!
9/3/2007 c1 Hannah Rose Williams
So this is a dream you had? It has that feel. If that's your intention, great job! :)
9/3/2007 c2 1AluminumMuse
Oh, wow, that's... damn. I am rather confused, possibly because my brain is totally fried from too long without sleep. Are the things that he introduced to her children? Like, that he'd cut up and designed to look the way he wanted them to? Or am I reading too much into the last line? I suggest being a little less foggy in your descriptions as probably won't hurt the mood, and if I was right about the children thing, then the rating needs to be bumped up.

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