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12/20/2007 c1 6lexaxo
aaw.. i loved it. nice writing. hope you do more one shots they are really good!

usally i dont read one shots but i had to after reading your summary.

nicely done =]
9/28/2007 c1 luv me like no other
This was written very nicely. I'm so sorry for Rebecca.
9/8/2007 c1 5Arctic Wolf
I completely understand this one-shot. OMG, it's so good! I'm gonna explain what I think you meant by it all. Somewhere and at sometime they either drifted apart or she had to give him up. In that process, she found someone else that she thought she could love just as much, but upon her seeing her first love she realized that she messed up and as much as she wished she could go back to that, she couldn't because she had to continue with her life and find a different way to live. Is that right? If that's not your opinion, then that's mine. lol.

I also agree with the way you ended it because it lets you know that as much as she loves him, she has to take a different route in her life. No one ever forgets their first love because that's where everything first starts. I also think that the reason you didn't give the guys names is to show us mainly the feeling of Rebecca and what she has to live with. She is the main character in this one-shot and that's all we are really supposed to be thinking about.

Sorry this review is so long... but I absolutely LOVED this one-shot. It just strikes me as something I kind of know about. You did such a great job!


Arctic Wolf
9/7/2007 c1 3oh.look.a.bird.CHOCOLATE

why do u have to end it like that! it's so sad! :(

i like this story. yes it was good but it made me wanna cry! i was really hurt that she didnt go with him...AND he came to her wedding with another MAN! i feel so sorry for! my god i still can believe you ended it like that, if you make runing away as sad as this i WILL remove you AND your stories for my profile!...well maybe not but i'll be VERY VERY VERY VERY upset...

your a good writer. keep up the good work!

love choco

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