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for Dawn of the Soul

11/5/2007 c3 lymli
I think the prologue is good enough to catch the people's attention, and the writing style is interesting even if it sometimes looks confused, the characters are good, I'll wait the update..
9/27/2007 c1 24Limited Edition
This story slightly reminds me of Aidan Chamber's book "The Toll Bridge". I love that book.

Heh, the only thing I can complain about in this story is "lack of author's voice", but that comes with time. The rest is right-o!

I like the conversations. They feel slightly tragic. I like that much is left for the reader to think about. There aren't many stories on FP that don't assume the reader to be a total nutjob.

Good job!
9/22/2007 c2 29McKenzie Drestire
I am really bloody confused, but it's very engadging and well written. I like the character of the 'demon boy', he seems to be quite fairy-taleish himself although i'm looking forward to finding out how this story will go. it doesn't seem like the two chapters are related, looking forward to seeing how they do.

Peaceout, kenzie
9/20/2007 c1 Mckenzie Drestire
Hey, thanks for the review, i think (just for the record, i'm not into drugs) I enjoyed this, it does hook you in and it is very interesting. Want to know more, wantto read more.

I know this sounds very gay, I'll dedicate my second chapter of 'Edgar's Spaceship' to you if you review some more.

peaceout, Kenzie
9/15/2007 c1 xrolipolix
Whoa! Welcome to the party!

This is awesome (Can't spell awesome...)I always liked slash stories! :P

This start is just hooking. It draws you in like a fish on a line and best of all, it KEEPS you hooked and oh, do I love it! It's too early in the story to see any faults... either that or there are none. So, all in all, I like it and will continue reading! Continue Master/Mistress Eagle Seance!

From Lysarose.

~"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying." - Oscar Wilde

Happy writing!
9/14/2007 c1 134whispered something profound
i like this... the whole used-to-be-lover turned mental patient thing. its cool. and i love the phychological stuff going on in here. the deep quotes from the mental patient guy and such.
9/13/2007 c1 14Rayne Auster
Damned well written. WOW... The emotion... rather intense. Only it feels like it is going to be a sad story. It feels to me like you are going to go back in time and tell the story of what brought your two characters to this place and it is going to be sad...

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