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10/25/2007 c5 4J. A. Kossler
Hey there,

We've got a problem. Got banned on Gaia. So random, that site :P My friend got banned too, and he bought something from me, so I assume it was something to the realm of a botter/scammer- friend - me. Cute.

Anyways, we'll have to come up with an alternate way for me to pay you. Brainstorm some options, shoot me an e-mail? injenn ATSIGN uchicago DOT edu. I can do writing, art, stuff from my online game, etc.

Oh, let Zen know too!

Sorry, this is a big mess.

10/7/2007 c4 J. A. Kossler
It was good. I laughed at the funny parts. 8D
10/5/2007 c3 J. A. Kossler
I found it rather amusing, actually 8D I liked it!
10/1/2007 c2 J. A. Kossler
Oh yes. I am definitely enjoying it.

Normally, I /would/ rant about how easy it was for them to get her, but I assume you have some sort of plan to rectify that problem (there has to be difficulty in there somewhere! Hehehe). Looks good, though! I laughed at some parts ;)
9/11/2007 c1 J. A. Kossler
It's not terrible at all! I absolutely love it. It made me burst out laughing at a few of the quotes (don't we just love Eros and Vlei's interactions?).

Here are the answers to the questions:

1)What is magic like in the world?

Magic comes in four forms: fahkra (the magic of destruction), brahva (the magic of death), lodith (the magic of life), and hovas (the magic of control). Mixing the various magic types helps create more potent spells. The three (who are brothers) are very skilled with fahkra and brahva, since their fathers are the entities of Brahva and Fahkra. You cast it either by speaking a keyword (such as fahkra - a fireball comes from your hand), or by thinking about the spell and the spell will happen. Verbal commands are not necessary, just useful. The three cannot use lodith, and they're weak in hovas.

2)How is magic used (like fireballs and fly spells or other?)?

See above

3)What does Vlei do in battle?

He has a mace that he will use. He's very fast and almost impossible to hit, but he also has bad coordination and rarely gets a hit in.

4)How does Ways powers work, only in dreams or can he somewhat read minds?

He can see futures when someone is unconscious, and walk their dreams - but only when they're happening. He can sense purposes from people (are they bad? good? will they try to backstab?) but he can't read their minds.

Let me know if there's anything else.

Again, I love it!


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