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10/23/2020 c17 dipintheriverstyx
God I’m finally rereading this and I miss it so muuuuuch
7/12/2019 c3 17Fall Storm
Touch it and die is something Dean from supernatural would say Haha
7/11/2019 c2 Fall Storm
A shiny, midnight blue '67 Chevy Impala? Do you watch supernatural?
1/19/2014 c28 Dominique Diane
OMG, I love Vesper she's so brave and her sexy partner too! Amazing story!
9/23/2013 c28 Lollipop addict
I found your story on A Drop Of Romeo. It is awesome. I love how there's no filler chapters, not a single part was boring to read. Keep doing whatever awesome thing you're doing!
P.S. I'm too lazy to log in. It would take like 30 seconds. Waaaay too long.
9/18/2013 c1 stuck in bed
Hi! Your story has been added over to the Supernatural/Fantasy Category on A Drop Of Romeo :)

Here's your review:

Euphorialie's “How High” is original and entertaining, with engaging dialogue and a refreshing plot. The story was made of the very best sort of fabric - largely thanks to its extremely well written and well thought of characters, who almost seemed more real than actual people. The ending, in my opinion, was the cherry on the cake. It was true to the characters, and who they were; it didn't rush anything, and this allowed it to be realistic (as realistic as a supernatural story can be). That is the greatest sort of ending, and that was present here.

I suppose the best thing I can say about “How High”, however, is that I truly and honestly had fun reading it. It may sound like a very banal comment, but I assure you that you can enjoy and admire a story – and not have fun reading it. This doesn’t happen in “How High”. Trust me.
8/8/2011 c28 stoojam
Love love love this story, love both Vesper and Caden to bits, their banter is fast-paced, witty and overall fantastic! I especially like though Vesper's relationship with her brother, and that sort of older brother protectiveness. Man, what a fantastic read.

Hope you get around to updating Edged soon!
5/2/2011 c28 The Imagination Addict
LOVE IT! i like the ending too cos it's very characteristic of leila! romantically, it isnt satisfying that they don't ever share a huge kiss throughout the story. BUT this epilogue realy heralds a new phase in leila's n caden's relationship :)
5/2/2011 c11 The Imagination Addict
ur story is really entertaining! i love ur lead girl. u'r a truly talented writer. hope u get published in print! or u could try selling digital bks.
3/5/2011 c28 cosmicpeach
I love you (: this made my..well...week (:
11/9/2010 c28 dipintheriverstyx








Publish it.
4/2/2010 c28 ponponcake
aw adorable ending :) awesome story!
7/11/2009 c28 Kitt2276

i read the whole lovely story (it really was fantastic), suffered through all of you sexual tension, AND THEY NEVER EVEN KISSED! if you're going to put in all that tension, they should have at least kissed, AND Vesper should have been able to admit (to herself at least) that she loves Caden (i do too, he's so adorable!). It was a great tale, very well written, but the end was a little too...back to the begining. They could still be violent (necessary), but she needed to accept her feelings after the run in with Eros. AND desperate need to relieve said tension.

Any ways, i loved the story, thank you for all the hard work that must have gone into this. You really should think about getting this published (especially if you have them kiss). It's an original plot (who would've thought the god of love could be so evil?) and i KNOW how hard those are to come by. Trust me I've been reading(huge amts) since i was 5. outta room now, so i'll just say thanks and good luck!
6/20/2009 c1 Brit
Hey! Awesome start, but there are a few things I just wanted to mention just to get you thinking about them for future revisions.

"None of the lights were on and only the moonlight filtering through the vertical windows on one side of the building lit the room" Mentioning the lights are off is redunant when it says only the moonlight filters in. You can probably say "The only source of light was moonlight filtering through the vertical windows, forming slanted bars of light across the crates..."

"flapping up into the dense black air-space" I think "dense black air-space" sounds awkward and you could say "disappeared into the darkness overhead" instead.

"suggestion that the animals inhabiting" I think you should replace animals with creatures to fit the tone of your passage better.

"watching the black, swooping figures up near the roof" Since you mention earlier in the sentence her eyes are locked onto the ceiling, you don't need to mention again that the figures are near the roof.

"they’re bat-like wings and ugly" Should be "their"

"if provoked. Frequently, without being provoked." You can leave that part out if they're gouging eyes with and without provocation, so just say they have a tendency to gouge out innocent eyes.

"Who knew how many were sleeping or sitting motionless." You should probably have a question mark here instead of a period.

"so damn happy, sometimes" Since the sentence before this one has a phrase after a comma, switch up your sentence structure and include a "that" between happy and sometimes.

"at a slowly gliding mutant bird creature" The "mutant bird creature" sounds like a description a young child might make and not a trained assassin, so cut out creature and leave it as "gliding mutant bird."

"preparing herself to use" you can cut out the "herself" since she's not really psyching herself out to use the crate, but simply preparing to use it. "Prepare herself" lends more of a sense of trying to convince or encourage yourself to do an action.

"joined by screeches and screams from the harpies, all now in frantic flight" can be condensed to "joined by screeches and screams from the harpies in panicked flight"

"One harpy, though, fell quickly to the ground, hitting with a nasty crunch, a small hole through its skull, straight through its temples." This sentence has too many commas which makes it seem really chopped up. I suggest you re-write it as something like this: "One harpy crashed into the ground with a sickening crunch, a small hole drilled through it's temples."

"The flock of enraged myths sighted both Vesper and Dalia at the same time and set its sights immediately on their blood" You use sighted here twice within the sentence, so you should probably change it up a little. Also, I haven't read any other chapters yet, but if this is a fantasy world and harpies are commonplace, then "enraged myths" doesn't really make much sense (they're really only myths in our world at this point). Not sure what the situation is, so just pointing it out now in case.

I would probably re-write the above sentence as: "The flock of enraged harpies locked their gazes on both Vesper and Dalia at the same time, and set their sights immediately on their blood."
5/7/2009 c22 1Pimpalooza
Ok, you may think this is a little bit weird but your story annoys me so much. You're probably thinking then, why the hell are you reading it? Right? Well I guess it's annoying in a good way? I just can't stop reading it. :)

You know there's this weird thing, when I read a story I kind of connect with the character and sometimes I feel like screaming at Pace and Caden. Haha.

But this is a great story.

And Slaid annoys me as well.. But oh well, these characters are necessary. Now I feel like a freak.

Happy writing :)
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